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Puerto Rico's Comeuppance Has Been Too Long In Coming… Use Money Here… Waste Of US Taxpayer Dollars, Solution PULL OUT OF PR NOW!!

Puerto Rico's Comeuppance Has Been Too Long In Coming

Mike Thomas

January 17, 2003
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Dear Mike: As a retired Navy commander, I think Puerto Rico's comeuppance has been too long in coming. I would recommend that you do a follow-up on all the mainland politicians who went down there.

Where are Hillary Clinton, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and all the Puerto Rican politicians from New York and Illinois? Now that the election year is over, they are nowhere to be seen or heard.

Vince Shahayda

1/18: Letters to the Editor

Use Money Here

January 18, 2003
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On the one hand, Puerto Rico says to stop bombing on Vieques, clean up our mess and give back the territory. On the other hand, Puerto Rico says it will fight any moves to close down "Rosey Roads" naval station, which brings in $250 million annually to the economy.

If memory serves me correctly, Puerto Rico has voted against statehood but welcomes the almighty American dollar.

If there is no need for the naval station in Puerto Rico, then by all means close it down, as was the Orlando naval base years ago, leaving retired personnel living here without a hospital, dispensary, commissary, etc.

Rather than supporting people who consider Americans "the biggest professional liars," ("Navy: Shut Puerto Rico base," Jan. 11), we should now use this money here.

I personally resent supporting those who dislike and distrust us and would like to see that $250 million spent on those who truly want and need it right here at home.

Marian Scobie


Comments: Waste Of US Taxpayer Dollars, Solution PULL OUT OF PR NOW!!

January 18, 2003
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I mean get out, we have spent trillions of US taxpayer dollars that in this US citizens opinion is a total waste of our money. What exactly does PR do for us as a nation? What contributions does this country make to the overall good of the US?

Clearly, the people of PR do not want us there so why are we staying. Puerto Rico is a burden on the taxpayers of the US. They have most of the privileges of being US citizens without having to pay for it.

The Navy puts approximately $300 million in their economy and the citizens of PR thank them by throwing rocks at them and yelling vile things at them. I agree with the people of PR, it is their country and they want us out-so should oblige them and get out!

However when we do leave that Island we leave it the way we found it, no base housing, no airstrips, NOTHING. The people of Puerto Rico can take care of themselves they do not need us or our money. And by my estimation we do not need them or their island.

Franklin Roosevelt ordered that base built there in 1940, it was supposed to be the first line of defense during any possible threat from that part of the world. However, with our present day technology we do not need the island. Let it go and let her people govern themselves and find their own place in the world without us or our financial assistance.

We have more and more families in the US mainland suffering poverty, unemployment and quite possibly facing homelessness, it is time we took care of our OWN US Taxpaying citizens.

No more world cop, no more world Santa Claus or world PaPa, bring our troops and our taxdollars home.

This is basically the same type of letter I sent to both my Senator and Congressman, when I read about our troops being stoned in your country.

The governor claims she does not want us to close the base, but she supported closing the naval firing range so what has she done to protect our US military personel. I support the Fleet Commander's decision if we can't practice our war strategies why do we need a Naval Base in PR? Good question don't you think? Let us hear it in the US congress.

Sidona Kellogg


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