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Volume 7, Number 4

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Ft. Buchanan Closing Raised…
Ft. Buchanan Closing Raised…Gov. Gets Honorary Degree…Flag Trial Reset For May 5th…Marlins Reel In Rodriguez…P.R. Libel Law Ruled Unconstitutional… Visiting Hispanic Lawmakers Criticize Bush On Iraq… PIP Seeks BPPR Investigation…2 More Nat’l Guard Units Activated
Medicare Cuts To Affect 8,000…
Medicare Cuts To Affect 8,000…Calderon Defends Banco Popular, Supports Army’s Access To School Records…Hispanics Nation’s Largest Minority…White House Status Group Inactive…Iraqi War Would Affect Social Programs, Says Acevedo Vila…Legislature To Protect India Brewing
NPP Opposes PIP Anti Military Campaign…
NPP Opposes PIP Anti Military Campaign… Parents Have Until Feb. 7th To Object To Providing Data…Pesquera Wants Carrion's Comité 2025 Nomination Reviewed…Camacho Stops Villareal…Governor Calls Misla Conviction A Disgrace To Island…Banco Popular Case Under Review…Pro-Navy Activists Can Remain Encamped
Should Colleges Seeking Racial Diversity Acknowledge The Important Role That Race Plays In The Real World?

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Report

Calderón's Shift Right: "More American Than George Bush"

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat

Calderon Is P.R. Boxer Of The Year, Other Notes

  Washington Update

Technicality Saves $360M For Puerto Rico, For Now… Senate Expected To Withhold $30M For Puerto Rico Train; Calderon Says “Ok”… Bush Ally Says White House Not Implementing Executive Order On Puerto Rico’s Status Issue

The Clash Between U.S. Citizenship And P.R. Nationalism

Refusal Of Stateside On Line Vendors To Ship To P.R. — Does Status Have Anything To Do With It?

Environmental Cleanup A Necessity…Military Must Learn From Past…Island Should Try To Deal Now With A Possible Base Closing

After Vieques Exercises USS Theodore Roosevelt Heading To Gulf Area

  Island Politics

PIP Initiates Information Campaign In Public Schools…NPP Asks Full Immunity For Arizmendi…Local Dems To Undergo Changes…Fortuño Denies NPP Gubernatorial Candidacy Bid…SEC: Nuno Lopez Post Belongs To NPP

Questions Dog Bright Moment For Puerto Rico

   Local Scene
Banco Popular Settles U.S. Money Laundering Case…Hard Blow To One Of Puerto Rico's Premier Business Institutions
  Culture • Heritage • Language
Latino Leaders Back Affirmative Action… Don't Go Wobbly, Mr. Bush!… White House Take Cautious Stand…Rice Demurs…Dishonest On Diversity

Study: Medical Advice Often Gets Lost In Translation

The Dropouts

Hispanic Treasures, Awaiting Discovery
Sports & Entertainment
Miami Christian Will Appeal Ban Over Puerto Rico Recruiting Violations

Alomar Can See The Light; Expects Great Things In '03

Duck, Jab...And Don't Spar With Neighbors

En Forma Tropical Spanish Language Fitness Videos Help With New Year's Resolutions

A Puerto Rican Icon Loses Sight of Her People
Special Ops: Mission To Wed A Success

Hopes & Dreams Ride In An '89 Dodge

Puerto Rico Profiles
Carlos T. Cruz, Kissimmee Mural Artist Got His Start With Graffiti
A New View of Immigration
Congress and the President
Expect Dr. Frist To Pay House Calls To Hispanics, Soccer Moms
Business • Economics • Finance
Economic Outlook 2003: An Industry-By-Industry Analysis Of What’s In Store For Your Business & For The Economy

Prospect Of Base Closure Raises Possibility: Roosevelt Roads As Transshipment Port?

Popular’s Penalty To Serve As Lesson For All Financial Institutions: Feds Determined To Root Out Money Laundering

Zayas Seijo: Elimination Of Marriage Penalty To Go Into Effect In ‘04: Hearings On Replacing 6.6% Excise-Tax System Continue

Moderate Growth Expected In Local Media Industry

Hispanic TV Audience Growing in U.S.

Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,253,898.86
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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