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En Forma Tropical Spanish Language Fitness Videos Help With New Year's Resolutions.

January 10, 2003
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MAYAGUEZ - The New Year has arrived and many have made resolutions involving family, finances and health. Still, most people realize it can be difficult to juggle all those new resolutions. How does one spend more time with family, and also find time for an exercise program?

Finding the time to improve health without adding time and hassle to daily life can be easy, say health experts. All that is needed are the right tools, a smart plan of action and a dose of motivation.

Dr. Hortensia Rexach, doctor of internal medicine in Jacksonville, Florida, says, "Some of the best tools around continue to be home fitness videos. They can be an excellent solution for those of us who want to be healthy, but need to fit exercise into our daily lives without sacrificing other priorities."

In an effort to make an active and healthy lifestyle within reach for more Hispanics, International Aerobic Education has produced En Forma Tropical(TM), a fitness video series exclusively in Spanish. Filmed in beautiful tropical locations in Puerto Rico, these four exercise videos are a great solution for people of all ages and fitness levels.

The En Forma Tropical videos feature a variety of workouts taught by a talented team of certified fitness professionals. Each video is divided into separate segments, so exercisers may choose to complete the entire workout or just individual sections, depending on their fitness level and available time.

"Regular exercise has been scientifically proven to help people live longer, control their weight, feel stronger and more energetic, reduce their risk of heart disease and diabetes, strengthen their immune system, and even sleep better," Dr. Rexach explained. "With all these incredible benefits, everyone should find the motivation to become more active!" she added.

En Forma Tropical videos sell for $19.95 each. More information is available at or by calling ISLA Catalog at (800) 575-4752.

Version en espanol: - 010903.html To see images from the video: From En Forma Tropical VEN A BAILAR! video: From En Forma Tropical Koki-yo-chi: Kickboxing Latino video:

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