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Volume 7, Number 3

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Calderon Wants Base To Stay, Requests War Contingency Plan…
Calderon Wants Base To Stay, Requests War Contingency Plan… Navy Abused Power, Says P.R. Justice Dept... Bush Proposes $8M For Island Water Cleanup…Super Aqueduct Capacity Increased… Expos’ Tickets Go On Sale… Rey To Evaluate Antimilitarism Campaign
Following Violence, Exercises Resume…
Following Violence, Exercises Resume… Justice Appeals Wal-Mart Ruling… Figueroa Quits Dowling For Pros…Dump Bombs But Keep Base, Says Serrano… Vieques Anti-Navy Group In Peace Caravan…PIP Resume Demands Military Land Transfer… Navy Bombs Vieques For Last Time… Archbishop Urges Respect Of Diversity In Vieques…5 Arrested On 1st Day Of Maneuvers
Port Of Las Americas Will Begin Construction In ’04…
Port Of Las Americas Will Begin Construction In ’04…Tension Mounts In Vieques… Capitol Gathering Protests Practices… Viequenses Will Continue To Fight… Vieques Transition Committee Named…New Wal-Mart Petition Denied… American Eagle Pilots Protest Sale… Anti-Drug Plan Law… Navy To End Vieques Training On May 1st
Last Act For Rosey Roads?

 Also in this edition...

  Puerto Rico Report

The Bittersweet Vieques Victory

  Puerto Rico Sports Beat

Venezuela Out Of Caribbean Series, Puerto Rico To Field Two Teams

  Washington Update

U.S. Senate Acts to Withhold $300M From Puerto Rico For Discrimination… Questions Raised About Vieques Range Closure Plan… Navy & Army Bases Threatened… Calderon Corporate Tax Exemption Bill Left Out of Major Plans But Still Around

Roosy Roads, You Got Exactly What You Wanted…Shortsighted In Puerto Rico…Not Jubilant

Vieques Exodus Reduces Roosevelt Roads’ Activities…Future Of Naval Base In Doubt… Worry Trails Talk Of Closure

Floridians Warily Praise Navy's Exit From Vieques, Few Protest Moving Training To State: "It's The Sound Of Freedom"

  The Local Scene
Activists, Politicians Celebrate Announcement Of Training Sites To Replace Vieques… Skepticism Reigns…March Against Exercises Ends…Protests To Continue

Unlawful Bids To Enter Puerto Rico Are Soaring


What Is A Puerto Rican 'National?'

Hoyt Is Mistaken About Wanting Puerto Rico To Become Independent

   Island Politics
Romero Abstains From Endorsing Pesquera For Governor…Calderon Denies Comptroller’s Findings Regarding SJ 2000…PIP: Status Discussion Will Resume…NPP Sets New Session Agenda…Burgos: Pro Navy Supporters Don’t Understand U.S. Constitution…Pesquera Won’t Allow CRB’s Expulsion…Gov’t Ad Expenses Increase
  Culture • Heritage • Language
New York's Tomorrow: 12 Visions, The Hispanic Bagel?

Hispanic Cite Importance Of English Proficiency In Poll…See Themselves as Diverse

More Hispanic Catholics Losing Their Religion

Warm Caliente Brings Puerto Rico To Harbison

Delta Air Lines Celebrates 50 Years Of Service To San Juan

Sports & Entertainment
Soccer Standout Monique Avilés Unfazed By Record-Tying Feat

Wichita Can Cha-Cha

New Era Succeeds Years of Solitude

Business • Economics • Finance
In The Big Leagues: Puerto Rico’s Credit Unions Are Out To Be Increasingly Competitive Financial Services Players

Wyndham To Operate Martineau Bay In Vieques

Highway Authority To Invest $33M In Electronic Toll Collection

Cooperative Bank Launches Branch Sharing

Western Auto’s Sales Up 5%

Base Closing Will Hit Many In Wallet

Reshuffling At Darden Boosts Diversity At Top

Congress and the President
Rep. Rangel: "If You're Going To Have A Draft, You'd Want All The Training You Can Get Including Vieques"

Spitzer-Blitzed Pol Dora Irizarry Eyed As Fed Judge

Florida Citizen-Soldiers On Alert…Say Goodbye
Puerto Rico Profiles
Mother Copes With Mental Illness & A Rootless Life
Is The US Engaged In Empire-Building?
U.S. Should Encourage Many Tongues
Puerto Ricans . . . Earning Their Own Way
Puerto Rico . . . Paying Its Own Way
American taxpayers have provided
$ 224,743,254,955.43
subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
and it's costing them $22,821,918.52 more each and every day of the year!
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