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Roosy Roads, You Got Exactly What You Wanted… Shortsighted In Puerto Rico… Not Jubilant

Re: Roosy Roads, You Got Exactly What You Wanted

January 13, 2003
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As a retired US Navy Chief,

You the people of PR got exactly what you wanted, I think it is time you get off the gravy train that you have been on for years. You cannot have your cake and eat at the same time. Get on with life and declare independence so I don't have to pay for you anymore.


Have a good life and good riddance.


Letters To The Editor

Shortsighted In Puerto Rico

January 14, 2003
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Your feature article on Vieques/Roosevelt Roads points up how shortsighted the Puerto Rican officials were to press for the Vieques closing knowing that the Navy would no longer need Roosevelt Roads as a support base.

Roosevelt Roads runs rampant with nepotism, as the article states husbands, wives and children all work at the base -- several thousand in all.

We can offer the same sympathy as was extended to us here in Orlando with the impending base closure.

The article mentions nearby Ceiba as being one of the poorest towns on the island. What it fails to say is that a few miles down the road in Fajardo are marinas with million-dollar yachts, a thriving economy and luxury resort hotel and golf course.

The Puerto Ricans are getting what they asked for. Let's see how they handle it.

Norman Gertz


Not Jubilant

January 15, 2003
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A friend of mine was telling me about an article in your paper regarding the Navy and Vieques issue "that all of Puerto Rico was jubilant with the news that the Navy was leaving Puerto Rico."

I am not jubilant with this news and I know there are many thousands of Puerto Ricans who are not jubilant because we are proud to be citizens of the United States and are willing to allow the training to continue in an effort to prepare our troops to protect the democracy and freedom we enjoy under the U.S. flag. It is those men and women who defend our flag, whose coffins are draped with our flag, that allow others to burn the flag. It is not the poets that give us freedom of speech; it is our troops.

Harry Benavent
Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

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