Vol. 6 No. 49

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PDP Caucus Ignores Calderon’s Christmas Bonus Warning, Her Executive Order Injures Municipalities, Says Pesquera… Justice Seeks To Stop Wal-Mart Amigo Deal…IRS, Treasury To Cooperate…Rey To Comply With Federal Reform…Fas Added National To Coliseum’s Name

Pesquera Confident Of NPP Candidacy For Governor…UPR, NY Universities Seek Minority Graduate Students…Governor: Vieques Negotiations Continue, Tells Obstetricians To Take On New Cases…Navy Won’t Act Against La Yayi Cay Protesters… COPA To Intercede In Vieques…Comptroller: Calderon’s Trying To Undermine My Credibility

Ruling On NPP’s Dismissal Petition Set For Dec. 10th…Legislators Upset With Vizcarrando…Anti-Navy Protesters Set Up Camp…PRTC Offers Travel Kiosks…MLB Expects $10M From Expos’ SJ Games, Reds Welcome Shift To Island…More Aggressive AIDS Fight Urged…PIP Recommends Vieques Cleanup Steps…Govt. To Draft 2025 Water Plan

Governor Calderon’s Reelection Prospects Are Dimming; Why?

What Most Adds To Governor Calderon’s Declining Reelection Numbers?

Puerto Rico VIDEO:
Luquillo is a graceful crescent shaped beach and playground for Puerto Rican families…



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The Red Queen Set To Battle Tweedledee And Tweedledum

Puerto Rico Losing Ground At CAC Games Level

Reiterating The Risks To Puerto Rico’s Political And Economic Stability: Part 2
By Arturo J. Guzmán

Calderon’s Office Uses False Explanation For Her Proposed US Firms’ Tax Exemption… Acevedo Now Looks To Senate GOP To Pass 956 Amendments, He Misleads Puerto Ricans On Medicare Hospital Payments

Puerto Rico's ‘Private Ryan'

Why Independence For Puerto Rico Finally Makes Sense

Pentagon's High-Tech Snooping Plan Casts Long Shadows

Puerto Rican Crested Toads Heading Home

Researchers Try Tuning In -- To ET’s


Showing Enormous Gridiron Grit Packers' Rivera Suffers, But His Play Doesn't

Island Delicacies Highlight Puerto Rican Celebration

Hispanic Students Look For Mentors To Counsel Them

No Language Barriers… Indiana Facing Language Debate…Village Is More Global, Language Is More Vital

Bush's Inroads With Hispanic Voters Pave Path For Martinez

Don't Bother To Bring Your Golf Clubs | Just Relax, That's All

Hit The Road, Pudge: Rangers Unlikely To Budge

Wanted: Hispanic Hockey Fans

A Celebration Of Tradition: Ecos del Pueblo Educates Its Audience About Latino Culture

Many Roots To This American Meal: Pastor Takes The Thanksgiving Holiday To Heart

Year Later, Girl's Still Missing And School Faces A Lawsuit

The O'Reilly Factor In My Life

Politicians Spent More This Year On Spanish-Language TV Ads

Why In Puerto Rico Do They Vote, Everybody? It's A Big Turnout. Why Not Here?

Can’t We All Just Work Together?:
With The Construction Industry Under Siege Leaders Try To Find Common Ground At A CARIBBEAN BUSINESS Round Table

Can We Get Along?

Expanded Antibioterrorism Role Part Of Homeland Security Changes

Marsh About To Close Deal To Buy Saldaña

Orlando’s Web Site In Spanish Wins National Recognition

Spanish-Language Networks Become Titans



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