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White Rose Plans To Open Distribution Center In Puerto Rico

Will Eventually Serve The Rest Of The Caribbean


November 21, 2002
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White Rose CEO Steve Bokser told CARIBBEAN BUSINESS his company plans to open a distribution center in Puerto Rico. The center will not only help local supermarkets become more competitive but will also serve as a supply hub for other Caribbean islands.

Bokser couldn’t specify how much White Rose would invest to build the distribution center, saying only it would spend "as much as it takes." "We are still in the planning stage," he added. "We are already in touch with real-estate executives in Puerto Rico and are looking at possible sites."

The distribution center is bound to benefit both independent supermarkets and supermarket chains in Puerto Rico, according to Bokser. "The independents and chains have to partner with a large distributor such as White Rose to compete against the big companies that use their mass purchasing power to steal customers," he said.

"The current distribution system in Puerto Rico is antiquated and is one of the causes of the inflationary situation," Bokser added. "White Rose helps supermarkets compete because we buy in large quantities. Supermarkets can purchase from us directly and obtain competitive prices."

Some of the supermarket chains with which White Rose currently does business are Grande, Mr. Special, and Selectos.

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