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Colon Bros. To Sell Coloso Products In Publix Supermarkets In Florida

Company is also courting Sedano’s supermarkets


November 14, 2002
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After noticing that Puerto Rican communities in Florida weren’t readily able to find food products from back home, Colon Bros. decided it was time to fill that niche. It recently began selling some of its Coloso canned foods to several Publix supermarkets in Florida. Colon Bros. is also interested in selling to Sedano’s supermarkets in that state.

"We had a study done to understand Florida’s retail market," said Colon Bros. President Jose Colon. "We found that in the entire state there are more than 550,000 Puerto Ricans. In Orlando alone there are more than 225,000, particularly in Orange and Osceola counties." The study also revealed the Puerto Rican community in Florida is the best-educated minority group and the one with the highest purchasing power, higher even than the Cuban community’s buying power, Colon added.

"We made this deal with Publix through a friend in the industry who moved to Florida and helped us out," Colon said. "We made a presentation to Publix and then the supermarket chain approved our products. We are already selling our Coloso line of canned foods in some of the supermarkets. We are also negotiating with a Florida-based distributor so we can sell our products in all 64 Publix supermarkets in that state."

Colon added his company is also courting Sedano’s, a chain of more than 30 supermarkets in Florida. It has already made a presentation to Sedano’s executives.

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