Vol. 6 No. 45

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UPR: Students Divided On Statehood Group Petitions, Another Violent Incident Occurs…PDP Awaits Report Before Acting In Arizmendi’s Case… Island Republicans Ecstatic, Democrats Surprised With Election Results…Calderon Eager To Work With GOP Majority

Polar Bears Seized… Governor Could Postpone Electoral Reform…DA Ordered To Reveal Fajardo’s Alleged Perjury…Pesquera To Calderon: Stop Persecuting Statehood Employees, Withdraw Electoral Reform Bill…Excise Tax Increase Barely Meeting Projections

Vizcarrondo Rules Out Financing Primaries, Defends Trips…Island Might Recruit Coffee Harvesters In Central America…Acevedo Vila Candidacy For SJ Mayor Pushed… Governor Headed To Latin American Summit… Court OK’s Commemorative Plates…Puerto Rico Joins Latin American Youth Organization… No Deal On Expos' Games

Hispanics Celebrate An Impressive 2002 Election Performance

Should the status debate avoid partisan strategies and bring rational understanding to the possibilities for Puerto Rico’s political future??

Puerto Rico VIDEO:
Luquillo is a graceful crescent shaped beach and playground for Puerto Rican families…



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The Other Vieques Battle: Commonwealth 'Far Behind' On Cleanup Issue

Puerto Rico Will Benefit From Cuba's Boycott Of Central American-Caribbean Games

Calderon To Count On Lott (& With GOP?)…Dems Remain Angry With Calderon… Election -- Puerto Rico Highlights

The Silent Minority
By Garry Hoyt

The Democracy That Needs Strengthening Is Puerto Rico's!

Puerto Rico & New Jersey: Chasing Jobs In Jersey, With Hearts Left Behind

Lawmakers Investigate Wal-Mart's Bid To Buy Amigo

Puerto Rico Unprepared For Bioterrorism

John Q., Jeb Make The Connection

Sights Set On Range


Ana Sanchez: A Way With Words

Bush, Pataki Win Hispanic Support

Bilingual Ban Wins In Massachusetts, Fails In Colorado

Targeting Hispanic Americans

The Wall Street Journal, Washington Hispanic Newspaper Join Forces To Serve Spanish Speakers In D.C.

Smithsonian To Host 'Bolero' Festival

Caribbean Islands Building Up Despite Weak Tourism, Puerto Rico Most Aggressive

Lopez, Affleck Coy on Wedding Plans

Plena Libre Rhythm

Adding 'Salsa' To Your Selection

Latino Chefs Gain Sway in U.S. Eateries

Hispanics Make An Impact: Latino Leaders In The Suburbs Paving The Way For Future Generations

Ramirez To Run Sharpton's Push For Presidency

Why Hispanic Caucus Rejects Estrada

Meeting The Challenge: Even In Tough Times, Locally Owned Businesses Succeed Through Resourcefulness & Perseverance

Developer Transfers 52 Acres To Caguas: Puts Ecological Corridor Project Closer To Realization

Productos Oscar Anticipates Doubling Sales By 2003

Almacenes Rodriguez Opens Boutique-Style Shop In Plaza Las Americas

AMR In Deal To Sell Back Airline To Joaquín Bolívar

Margo Caribe Announces Joint Venture to Develop Sod Farm in Puerto Rico



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