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Letters to the Editor

Hartford Courant

"The democracy that needs strengthening is Puerto Rico’s!"

November 1, 2002
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RE: Juan Figueroa’s Column, "Getting Out the Latino Vote" October 25, 2002

Dear Editors:

Governor Sila Calderon’s government sponsored get out the vote initiative is a self-serving and hypocritical attempt to curry favor with various elected officials and constituencies here in the states. Mr. Figueroa’s contention that the millions being spent on this campaign "will strengthen not only Latinos, but democracy as well" fails to highlight one important fact. The democracy that needs strengthening is Puerto Rico’s!

Because Island residents have no voting delegation in Congress, they are presently legally disenfranchised within our federal system. The Calderon administration supports this last vestige of political apartheid. The government’s money would be better spent trying to permanently resolve it’s own lack of democracy.


Gene Roman

Bronx, NY 10462

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