Vol. 6 No. 44

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Garcia Promises Color-Blind Justice, Calderon Reprimands PDP Legislators, Statehooders Rally Outside UPR, Daly New FBI Chief, Padilla Seeks Legal Counsel, Legislative Reform Controversy Continues, Pesquera Claims Party’s Support

Abbott Breaks Ground On $350M Biotech Plant In Barceloneta, No Navy Guarantee For Vieques Cleanup, Island 2nd In U.S. Violent Deaths Rate, NPP Forms Task Force To Promote Statehood, Pereira Praises Police & Community Pilot Program, Democrats Grow More Upset With Governor

Archbishop Accuses Israel Of Oppressing Christians, Possible Move Of Vieques Range To Bahamas Raises Concerns, Hundreds Protest Against Navy & Iraq, Calderon In NY: Talks Up Special Communities, Endorses Pataki, Fas Alzamora: French Trip’s Aim To Internationalize Island

Many Hispanics On The 2002 Ballot - But Will Latino Voters Turn Out?

Is Assistant U.S. Attorney Gil Conducting A Fair Political Corruption Investigation?

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Luquillo is a graceful crescent shaped beach and playground for Puerto Rican families…



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Double, double toil and trouble; Fire burn, and cauldron bubble.

Puerto Rico: Baseball's Hot Corner In The Winter

White House: Territorial Status Should Not Be An Option...NY Dems Reach Out To Rossello, Say Calderon Will Cost PR…Polls Suggest No New ‘Puerto Rican’ In Congress

Cop Out

Getting Out The Latino Vote…The Only Group That Matters In Election: Voters

A Commonwealth Wonders If The Wealth Will Ever Return

America's Colonial Empire? That Was No Accident

Santini Backs Pesquera…Called Weak By Calderon, NPP Leader Discounts Threat Of A Primary Challenge…Rossello Decries Selective Prosecutions By The U.S. Attorney’s Office, Former Governor Seeks Federal Investigation Of Gil’s Actions As Does Pesquera

Rosselló Vs. Gil

Officials Defend Mental Health Services…Smart Card To Cover Island By 2003… Most Public Housing In Bad Condition…Activists Fight Plan For Beach Hotels… SJ Woos Residents Of Barrio

Not Worth Celebrating

Puerto Ricans Outraged Over Secret Medical Experiments


Syndia Nazario-Cardona: Loving Mentor Inspires Young Hispanics

Hispanics' Votes Vary

Suarez’ Path To Race Was Filled With Twists… Politics Takes The Stage At Festival Calle Orange

NY: Another Rotten Choice…For AG: Spitzer Over Former State Judge Irizarry

A Voting Bloc Without a Party

Bilingual (Balderdash) Education On Ballot In 2 States…2nd Language Learners Can Lose Their 1st Languages

Plunging Tourism Threatens Caribbean, Puerto Rico Has Been Less Affected

If You Want To Try Somewhere Different, How About American-Owned But Spanish-Influenced Puerto Rico?… Santa In The Sunshine

Puerto Rico Could Get 20 Expos Games… Bengie Caught On In Big Way… De La Hoya, Trinidad May Rematch

Marc & Wife Are Back In Rhythm

Exotic Puerto Rico The Hosts For World Amateur Team Golf Championships In 2004

Salsa Dancers Heat Up Tallinn Nightlife

Languages Elementary In Clinton; Youngest Pupils Adept In English, Spanish

Candidates Court Latinos On Spanish-Language TV Networks

Democrats Count On Hispanics To Turn Texas Tide… Menendez Attacks GOP Attack Ads…Pre-Election Poll Shows Latino Voters Favor Democrats By 3-To-1 While Giving Thumbs-Up To Bush…GOP's Hispanics Try To Boost Party's Image In California

Survival Of The Fittest: Independent Supermarkets Compete Successfully With Giants By Offering More, Faster Services & 'The Human Touch' Of Hands-On Owner-Managers

MIT Developing Technology Invented By Borschow Drug And Being Considered By FDA

Guaynabo To Build $150M Industrial Park 

Changes Imminent In Bush’s Economic Team

HDC Rescues Fairmont Resort Deal From Dissolving

Retailers Challenge Wal-Mart Deal, Company Denies It Will Create A Monopoly



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