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Marc & Wife Are Back In Rhythm


October 22, 2002
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SOME BAD NEWS for all you Tattlers who have fantasized about hooking up with salsa singing sensation Marc Anthony since news of his marital separation three months ago.

Say bye-bye to those dreams.

Three months after announcing they had separated, salsa star Marc Anthony and his wife, Dayanara Torres, are back together and determined to stay that way, reports The New York Daily News.

Three months after announcing they had separated, salsa star Marc Anthony and wife, former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres Delgado, are a couple once again, the New York Daily News reported. But that's not all.

Recently, Anthony summoned his band members, friends and family to a private dining room of Barca, the restaurant his brother, Bigram, just opened in Manhattan.

Having promised ''a big announcement,'' he and Torres revealed that they will renew their vows in a grand wedding.

The photogenic pair will renew their vows-slash-love-for-one-another in a wedding of epic porportions in a San Juan, Puerto Rico, cathedral in December, the New York paper reported.

Hmmmm, wonder if supposed former flame J.Lo will be invited? Doubt it.

The first time down the aisle for the Anthonys was a civil ceremony - Vegas style - with no parents in attendance, the paper said.

"They've always wanted a formal, fairy-tale wedding," says a source. "Marc is planning every detail."

Man and wedding details don't go, in Tattle's opinion, but we digress.

According to the New York Daily News, Dayanara Torres is said to be the inspiration for many love songs on Anthony's CD Mended. But last summer, when she moved out -- taking their 16-month-old son, Cristian -- friends said she felt her husband's first love was his career.

Now that his tour is over, a friend says, ``They never leave each other. If he has to promote something, he brings Dayanara and Cristian with.''

Now he's changed his tune, the paper says, because he wants to keep the marriage intact. Anthony, whose last CD was "Mended," now takes his wife and son with him when he's out promoting.

Also, Dude's actions are speaking louder than his words. He had been in talks to play salsa legend Hector Lavoe in a movie co-starring J. Lo. Now, the paper says, La Lopez may need to go to back to her wish list.

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