Vol. 6 No. 43

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Governor Promises Cooperation With Navy, Will Campaign For Pataki, Fortaleza Makes Navy’s Letter Public, Calderon: Relying On Bush’s Word, Occupation Not Same As “Tough Hand”, Letter No Guarantee, Navy Says, Pesquera Asks UPR To Respect Ideological Diversity

Gov’t Mishandles $2B In Public Funds, Spends $17.8M For Publicity, Democrats: Governor Can Support Any U.S. Candidate, Residents Skeptical Of Long-Term Gov’t Commitment, CRB: Navy’s Exit Benefits NPP, Police Take Over 2 Rio Piedras Housing Projects, Campaign Reform Bill Amendments Seek to Overcome Opposition

Berrios Urges Calderon To Deal With Status Issue, Taboada: Wants The Military In Housing Projects, Municipalities To Fight Crime, Governor Calls For Prudence In Vieques Clean Up Demands, Acevedo Vila Campaigns With Rendell, White House: Navy Confirmed Vieques Departure, Bar Association Asks Governor To Go To UN Over Vieques

Battling For Votes & Buck$: Attempting To Reduce The Influence Of Great Wealth In The Political Process

Will Governor Calderon’s proposal to fund all political campaigns in Puerto Rico with government funds reduce corruption in the Puerto Rico political process?

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She Said He Said: Part II

Molinas Inherited Talent From Father

Calderon’s U.S. Corporate Tax Exemption Plan Threatened By Her Support Of Pataki… Senate Territories Committee May Be Led By Status Choice Advocate… England May Leave; Would It Affect Vieques Issue?

Center for Puerto Rican Studies Looks To The Future


Gene Roman

U.S. Navy Training Goes Virtual As War Games Move

Menendez Requests Bio Tests’ Papers... Pereira Won’t Lower His Guard… Withdrawal Of Navy Lawsuit Considered… Rabin: Calderon Paid Political Price… EQB To Look Over Vieques Clean Up… Firms Interested In Building Bridge To Vieques… Skepticism Over Governor’s Announcement

U.S. Election Results’ Impact Unclear

D.A.: Evidence Exists On NPP Leaders Accused Of Rioting… Pereira: Housing Occupation Ensures Residents’ Safety…Puerto Rico Among Top Waterways Polluters…Domestic Violence Law To Be Studied… Gov’t Retirement Fund In Critical Condition…Island Confident Over Transhipment Port


Obed Gómez’ Art Is A Work In Progress

Speaking The Language, Pataki Makes Inroads With Latino Voters…McBride Waits As Bush Blithely Speaks Spanish

Iowa Family Says Education Key To More Hispanic Homeownership

A Record Race For The Ayes Of Texas… Hispanic Ballots Called Crucial

Boquerón: The Key West Of Puerto Rico, Without The Glitz

Thome Wins Clemente Award…Expos Could Make Stop In Puerto Rico…It Takes A World To Field A Giants Team

Feliciano Found Success In 2 Languages

Brava New World Latino Chic Isn't Just A Passing Trend

Puerto Ricans Are U.S. Citizens… A New Life

Democracy In Two Voices; With Latino Numbers Rising, Bergen Ballots Go Bilingual

Suarez OK, But Keller, Fernandez Preferred Over Diaz, Quinones

Democrats, Republicans Take Notice As Hispanic Vote Continues To Grow

Why Won't Democrats Dance The Salsa Like GOP?

Years In The Making, The $120M Inter-Continental Cayo Largo Resort Will Open By Year’s End In Fajardo

Abbott To Announce Expansion In Barceloneta, Expects $200M Investment To Manufacture New Product

Prepa Yet To Amend 11% Rate Discount For New Companies & Expansions

Economic Development Legislation Supports Greater Local Purchases By Government

Merisant PR To Take Over Equal’s Marketing Efforts In NY And CA, Plans To Open Plant On The Island In 2004

Recognizing Staff Heritage Can Help Business Succeed

Spanish Hubris, British Cant



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