Vol. 6 No. 42

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Navy To Leave Vieques, Calderón Says, Pledge To End Bombing Welcomed, Hispanic Caucus Asks Bush For Vieques Statement, PDP Endorse, NPP Opposes Campaign Finance Bill, Vizcarrondo Won’t Pay Mundo’s Legal Fees, Calderon: Efforts To Oust Navy Have Not Been Exhausted

Governor Supports Electoral Reform Despite SEC Objection, Bar Association Asks Ashcroft To Probe Fajardo Case Dismissal, Anti Drug-Trafficking Raid Targets Ponce, Flag Video Subpoena Called Disastrous, Acevedo Vila: We Are Doing All We Can With Vieques, Cruz Demands Crime Summit, Study Reveals Murder Rate Discrepancy

The Molinas Are Brothers In Arms, Data On Bio Tests Sought, Island Population Aging, Police Statistician Denies Altering Crime Numbers, Pereira Shows Evidence Of Alleged Tampering, Navy Cancer Registry Contract Bared, Marine Killed In Kuwait Born In SJ, Carlos Castaneda Dies At 70

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Should the United States Initiate War against Iraq?

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Campaign Finance Reform — Sila’s Waterloo?

Catch The Puerto Rican Stars In The World Series

Democrats Attack "Permanent Tax Exemption For Profitable Territorial Subsidiaries Bill"… Navy: Spending Will Be Shifted From Puerto Rico To States

Former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh & Puerto Rico’s 1952 Constitution, Part III: Puerto Rico’s Self-Determination Process:

"I believe that when Congress does its job, the voters of Puerto Rico will do their job."

War And Peace: No Voice In The Debate & No Vote For The Commander In Chief

Status Politics On The Mainland

Admiral Natter: Money To Follow Vieques' Move To States

Chemical Testing A Smoking Gun For Protests

Puerto Ricans Expand Donations To GOP, Jeb Bush

New Beginnings, Happy Endings


'Yo puedo'- Is Part Of P.R. Native Sandra Sanchez-Perez's Daily Motivation

Puerto Ricans Learn To Regroup

House Race Pits Ethnicity Vs. Party Loyalty For Hispanics… Candidates Emphasize Experience

Latino Voters Most Likely To Identify As Democrats, But Party Loyalty Is Shallow, And Political Views Defy Easy Categorization

Hispanics Of Lehigh Valley Honor Their Heritage, Diversity

Puerto Rico - Unknown Pleasures

Athlete Of The Week Gerardo Lamour Gains Momentum In Soccer

Santiago, The NLCS' Most Valuable Player Improves With Age

Casting Puerto Ricans In `West Side Story' May Be Tough Act

Florida, Let Puerto Rico Show You How To Run An Election

Diaz Drops Far Behind Keller, They Clash Bitterly In Their District 8 Debate

Bush Celebrates Hispanic Heritage

Justice A Matter Of When, Not If, In Kissimmee, Osceola

Court Hispanic Voters With Actions…Issues Should Guide Voters, Not Nationality

Conquering The Caribbean: Tourism’s Battle Plan Could More Than Double Puerto Rico’s Tourism Industry By 2020

Treasury Gunning For $90M In IRA-Related Revenue

Arecibo To Be Site For $6M Wellness Center, Holistic Spa, And Retirement Villa

Impact Of Abbott’s Work Force Reduction Minimal On Puerto Rico

Amigo Sales And Profits Enjoy Double-Digit Gain, Chain Becomes Largest On Island

Hispanic Advertising Shines

For Many, Mortgage Eats Almost Half Of Paycheck…‘A Hand Up, Not A Handout'



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