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Lamour Gains Momentum In Soccer

By Frank Carroll, Sentinel Staff Writer

October 16, 2002
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KISSIMMEE -- Athleticism enables Gerardo Lamour to be competitive in soccer, a sport the former volleyball/basketball star shied away from growing up in Carolina, Puerto Rico.

But, in Friday's 4-1 victory over Mount Dora Bible, the Sentinel's Osceola County athlete of the week pounded three goals and contributed two assists last week, helping sixth-ranked Celebration improve to 12-1-3.

"It just seems like I'm always in the right position, but I'm getting a lot of good passes from [center midfielder] Jorge [Ulloa], too," said Lamour, a forward whose third hat trick this season bumped a team-best goal count to 18. "I'm surprised to be doing as well as I am, but I want to get better."

Not bad for an athlete whose first soccer experience came last fall as a 17-year-old novice.

With no volleyball programs for boys in the county, Lamour hunted something to do when, as a favor to Coach Ed Kuzma, he stumbled into soccer last fall.

"Gerardo's still learning the game, how to shoot the ball," Kuzma said.

He's a quick learner. Even as a rookie part-time player without basic skills or even a rudimentary knowledge of the game, he contributed seven goals.

"He has learned to pass and has become an exciting spark for this team," said the Pride's coach. "Instead of an athlete, he's becoming a soccer player.

"Gerardo has so many moves, so many different ways to attack goal. He's very quick, very creative. He's all hustle and creates opportunities for himself, for everybody."

Creativity doesn't necessarily correlate with accuracy.

"Gerardo probably has more than 50 shots on goal, but accuracy isn't his strength," Kuzma said. "Most of his goals come off breakaways that he has created. But, working with Jorge, he gets better each week."

"A year ago I couldn't make a good pass," Lamour said. "I'm getting better passing. Now, I look to pass instead of score."

Lamour also is learning to love the game, too.

"I take it very seriously," he said.

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