Vol. 6 No. 41

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Vieques Activists Outraged Over Bioweapons Test Revelation, Calderon Promises To Punish Those Who Stole, Martin: Feds Should Explain Dismissals, TV Stations Hand Over Women’s Advocate Videos, Housing Won’t Reimpose "Tough Hand Against Crime"

Pesquera: Don’t Judge NPP By Fajardo, Island Included In U.S. Quarter Program, De La Hoya Wants Trinidad, Mundo Seated Following Federal Judge’s Order, Prosecution Demands TV Tapes Of Flag Incident, Released, Rabin Vows To Return

P.R. Drive Nets 70,000 New Mainland Voters, Excise Tax Increase Is Here To Stay, Ramirez Accuses Calderon Of Inaction, PDP Censured For Mundo Decision, Nobel Winner Says Militarism Threatens Vieques Residents, House Majority Refuses To Swear Mundo In, Bush Gets Vieques Request

"Solar Decathlon" - The University of Puerto Rico on the National Mall in Washington

Puerto Rico is a feasible venue for Major League Baseball...

Puerto Rico VIDEO:
UPR Competes In The Solar Decathlon



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Fajardo Lies

Giants' Benito Santiago Basking In A Post-Season Glow

Acevedo: Dacshle Supports 956; Daschle Aide: Daschle Not Wedded To 956... Senate Comm. Ok’s Votes In Congress For DC... House Passes P.R Quarter Without Acevedo

Former U.S. Attorney General Dick Thornburgh & Puerto Rico’s 1952 Constitution, Part II: "The federal courts have consistently ruled that federal law trumps local law."

Is Puerto Rico Ready To Support A Big League Baseball Team?

Time To Wake Up From An Impossible Dream

One View Of How Puerto Rico's Status Dilemma Will Be Resolved

Populist Public Sentiment: Bringing Down The Established Democratic-Capitalist Order
By Arturo J. Guzmán

U.S. Admits Germ Warfare Tests During Cold War: Some In Vieques May Have Been Exposed

Pesquera: Legislative Probe May Turn Political…Fas Alzamora: RICO Can Still Be Applied To NPP…Toledo Refutes Calderon’s Accusations…Pereira Backed By Vizcarrondo, Won’t Be Questioned By Senate…Alleged Fund’s Diversion To Be Investigated

Puerto Rico Review


Jose Rivera Twines Puerto Rico’s Statehood Debate With A Romantic Folk Tale…'Adoration Of The Old Woman' Reviewed

Puerto Rico News: The Good & The Bad…Puerto Rican Or Journalist?

In Close Race, McBride Courts Hispanics

Hispanic...Latino...Classification Not Easy

Hispanics Take Their Place In Politics…Voter Apathy A Mystery

What's Doing In San Juan

Play In Puerto Rico Feasible, Expos Say

Luis Fonsi Is Out Of Control

Marcos Alegría At Galería Calle Cristo

Promises, Promises… Fed Up With Broken Promises, Double Talk

Polyglot Politics

GOP Aggressively Seeks Latino Vote

Rome, AD Rome, DC? - There Is A Big Difference…Apart From Puerto Rico, The U.S. Does Not Have Colonies

Cleaning Up The Clutter: Advertisers & Ad Agencies Say More Commercials Mean Less Message Retention. What Can The Industry Do?

Stateside Companies Looking For Minority-Owned Suppliers

The Debate About Wal-Mart’s Impact On The Local Economy Rages

AA Boosts Number Of Scheduled Flights Despite Fragile Climate In Industry

Adelphia’s $50M SJ System Upgrade Unaffected By Parent’s Bankruptcy

Puerto Rico Economists To Draft Long-Term Plan



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