Vol. 6 No. 38

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Calderon Says Police’s Conduct At Vieques To Get Look, Pesquera Again Refuses To Discuss Status, Rullan: Premature To Link Cancer With Navy Exercises, Barceloneta To Get $89.8M For Infrastructure, NPP: Governor’s Letter To Bush Was Counterproductive

Pesquera: Ondeo Has Proved Too Expensive, Pentagon Still Looking For Alternate Bombing Range, Calderon: Wants Bush’s Promise In Writing, Denies Vieques Role In Army So. Loss, Rumsfeld Reiterates Navy’s Continued Use Of Vieques, Obligations Of Local Police, Army So. Moving To Texas

P.R. River Preservation Bill Stalls In U.S. Senate, 4 Anti Navy Activists Arrested, 2nd Nat’l Guard Group En Route To Persian Gulf, Excessive Government Spending Criticized, Mercado: Statements On Vieques Taken Out Of Context, NPP Leaders Plead "Not Guilty" To Riot Charges, Actions Demanded From Governor And Navy

The Proposed Navy Abandonment Of Its Vieques Training Facilities May Be In Jeopardy Now That The Nation’s Armed Forces Are Likely To Become Involved In Military Operations In The Persian Gulf

Should the U.S. Navy Delay Its Proposed Departure from Vieques?

Puerto Rico VIDEO:
Rep. Don Young (R-AK) discusses legislation to provide a self-determination process for Puerto Rico



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Superior Basketball League Chief: New NCAA Status Is A Blessing

Drug Companies: 956 Not Essential But End Of 936 Will Make It Happen…Calderon Gains Powerful GOP Lobbyist…Acevedo Gives Up, Didn’t Agree With Governor’s Vieques Letter To Bush...President Had Already Responded To A Similar Letter

Commonwealth — Enhancing Proposals Are Unconstitutional

Washington Rhetoric Could Extend Navy's Time In Vieques

Environmental Rules Hurt U.S. Security, Official Says

NPP Asks Comptroller To Probe Urban Train Deficiencies…PDP Seeks SJ Mayor Candidate By 2003…Governor Praised, Criticized…Leaders Favor Legislator Law Revision…PIP To Calderon: Tell Bush Navy Vieques Permanence Is Unacceptable, Get Commitment In Writing…Ruberte Condemns New Vieques Policy

Fewer Dominicans…Ramallo Sues Ferre Rangel…Academic Achievement Summit Proposed…Ombudsman To Investigate Ondeo…$1B Credit Line For Community Trusteeship Suggested…College Board Test Results Dropping…Welfare Reform Doesn’t Work Well…Miss Vieques New Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2003…Island World Leader In Cesareans

2 Sisters, 2 Ways To Deal With Homelessness

Puerto Rico Profiles

El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico: Golden But Not An Oldie, A Band's 40th Birthday Party As Salsa Festival

Latinos Lead In Enrolling, But Lag In Completing College, FL Students Break National Trend

New Weekly, el Sentinel, Is Independent, Targeted Product

Reaching Out To Latino Community

No Other Caribbean Isle Combines As Much Tennis And Sightseeing As Puerto Rico

Celia Cruz Wins Latin Grammy For Best Salsa Album, ``La Negra Tiene Tumbao"

Marc Anthony In Puerto Rico

Utah Jazz Agrees To Terms With Puerto Rico’s Carlos Arroyo

Young Latinas Hope Their Big Voices And Strong Faith Will Lead To A Spot In Chica

Diaz Trails Keller In Race For Dollars

Redistricting Falls Short Of Hispanics' Hopes

The Law: When Presidential Power Backfires; Clinton's Use Of Clemency, The FALN

Primary Was Election Lesson For Hispanics

In A Bind: Business Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Filings Are Up 6%, & Creditor Debt Has Increased 21%. Are We Headed For Trouble?

Cantero Frau Wants Puerto Rico’s Economy Protected

Port Of The Americas’ Request For Proposal Slated: Only 2 Groups In Contention

Caucedo Superport Purchases 15 Chinese Cranes

Puerto Rico Readies $1B Tobacco Sale



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