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Video Statement by Representative Don Young (R-AK)


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This week’s streaming video features a statement by Representative Don Young of Alaska, excerpted from an interview given to Herald reporters in 1996 when he was Chairman of the House Resources Committee, actively working on legislation to provide a self-determination process to end Puerto Rico’s territorial status. Eventually that effort resulted in the 1998 "Young Bill" (H.R. 856: The United States-Puerto Rico Political Status Act). The bill passed the House of Representatives under Rep. Young’s leadership but failed to come to a vote in the U.S. Senate.?

Congressman Don Young of Alaska, now in his 15th term as Alaska’s sole representative, is one of the most senior Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives. Of legislators currently serving in that body, he is, arguably, the most knowledgeable member on Puerto Rican matters, with the possible exception of the four Puerto Ricans also serving in that body. Now Chairman of the Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, he retains an influential position on Committee on Resources where he is Vice-Chairman to its leader, Rep. James V. Hansen (R-UT).

Rep. Don Young’s reelection to his House seat is virtually assured in November’s election, so it is likely that any self-determination process in the 108th Congress will feel his influence in a major way.

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