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Caucedo Superport Purchases 15 Chinese Cranes

D.R. container port signs agreement for five post-Panamax cranes with 65-ton lift capacity and 50-meter boom length


September 19, 2002
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SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic–An agreement for the purchase of five post-Panamax gantry cranes and 10 rubber-tired gantry (RTG) cranes for the new Caucedo terminal facility has been signed, CSX World Terminals (CSXWT), a partner in the venture, announced in Charlotte, N.C.

Financing for the purchase comes from a $50 million equipment supply initiative in the original agreement for the $275 million state-of-the-art facility being built near Santo Domingo’s Jose Francisco Peña Gomez Las Americas International Airport (CB March 7), according to a CSXWT spokesperson.

The agreement was signed by Arno Dimmling, senior vice president and CEO of CSXWT, who is also the president of Caucedo Investments Inc. (CII), and Tong Xian Guan and Qizhong Liu, president and deputy general manager of the Zhenhua Port Machinery Co. (ZPMC) of Shanghai.

Each post-Panamax shore crane has a 65-ton lift capacity and 50 meters of boom length, enabling them to handle 18 container-wide post-Panamax vessels, Dimmling explained. The rubber-tired gantry cranes, on the other hand, are capable of handling one-over-five stacked containers and will be equipped with twin-twenty lift spreaders, he said.

The crane procurement process was handled by CSX World Crane Services, which offers crane maintenance, repair, engineering, and procurement to terminal operators, carriers, and port authorities.

"When the new terminal begins operation in late 2003, these cranes will more than double the container-handling equipment capacity of the Dominican Republic (D.R.)," said Dimmling. "The quality and reliability of these ZPMC cranes ensures that the new Caucedo terminal will be a tremendous asset not only to CSXWT and the Caucedo Development Corp. (CDC) but also to the D.R. and its future as a shipping hub for the Caribbean region."

ZPMC’s Qizhong Liu said, "Our longstanding relationship with CSXWT continues to provide our two companies with mutual benefits." The Shanghai firm, which produces 80 container trains and 100 RTGs annually, is a major supplier to CSXWT for its facilities around the world. "We are pleased to share in this exciting new terminal and to continue providing quality equipment for the many CSXWT facilities throughout the world," Liu added.

CDC is a joint venture between CSXWT and a group of prominent Dominican business leaders, including Manuel Tavares (the developer of the PIISA free zone manufacturing park), Jaak Rannik of the B&R shipping agents, and building magnate Samuel Conde.

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