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Toyota And Lexus Report Strong August Sales


September 12, 2002
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Local sales of Toyota and Lexus vehicles during the month of August were 19% and 27% higher, respectively, than the same month last year.

In the subcompact segment, Toyota sold 2,085 Corollas in August, making it the Japanese carmaker’s top-selling model and the Corolla’s best month for the year. This year the Corolla has sold 6,610 units, for an 18% increase in sales. The Matrix also fared well, with 193 units sold in August.

In the midsize category, the Camry obtained its best-selling month in August with a 179% sales increase over August 2001.

Both the Celica and the Avalon had sales gains, with August being their best month so far for 2002.

As for Lexus, Toyota’s luxury car division remains the category leader, with 27% sales growth in comparison to August 2001. The top seller is the ES 300, which had a whopping 409% sales increase over the same month last year.

In the sport utility vehicle (SUV) segment, the company didn’t reveal sales figures for August, leading to speculation that they might be below last year’s levels following the hike in excise taxes on these vehicles that went into effect in July. Instead the company offered year-to-date figures, which include the flurry of consumer purchases to beat the taxes earlier this year.

January-to-date, the RAV4 experienced a 33% sales increase compared with the same period in 2001, while the Highlander and Sequoia boosted their sales by 44% each so far this year. Sales of Toyota’s midsize pickup, the Tacoma, are up 14% since January.

For Lexus, the RX 300 SUV, IS 300, and SC 400/430 are all up this year.

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