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Ricky Martin Calls Media Catalysts Of Violence

By Melissa B. Gonzalez Valentin

August 13, 2002
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Ricky Martin, the Puerto Rican pop superstar and singer who has been so sought after by reporters and photojournalists around the world, on Tuesday gave a piece of his mind to the media which he says, greatly contribute to the injustice and violence in the world.

"The mass media are a catalyst of violence generated by ethnic or religious prejudice, holy wars, power, greed, exploitation of women and children, drugtrafficking, misery, and illiteracy," Martin said.

As one of the panelists in the International Peace Conference, being held in San Juan, Martin expressed his viewpoint on the role that the entertainment industry plays in a culture of violence.

Although he acknowledged that the media aren't to blame for the violence in the world, he did accuse them of promoting it.

Martin urged members of the media to focus on what is really important: to show the faces of those who live in misery, who are outcasts of society and who don't have a voice in the world.

"We the so-called creators of illusion, have the obligation to rescue the highest human values and to translate them into a favorable message of well-being, happiness, peace and the development of humanity," said Martin.

Also, in what may be taken as an indirect criticism in disguise, Martin called on the media to focus on his humanitarian efforts rather than on him.

"I invite the press, which is so interested in sharing and broadcasting my achievements, to accompany me to orphanages, special education centers and to listen to me during events such as this one," Martin said.

On another note, he briefly referred to Vieques, saying that anything happening to his homeland deeply moves him and triggers a reaction from him.

Martin also stressed that Earth belongs to everyone and in that sense, every inhabitant is responsible for what happens in the world.

"Let us become advocates of peace. With the strength of our love, our will, and our voices, let us change our collective destiny and that of new generations," Martin concluded.

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