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Stubbe To Build La Cala De Dorado

Beachfront Community Evokes Mediterranean Fishing Village; Residents Can Moor Their Watercraft


August 1, 2002
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Developer Federico Stubbe will build the $120 million-plus La Cala de Dorado, a 150-apartment, 20 single-family villas beachfront development, at the Hyatt Regency Dorado Beach Resort.

"There is no reason why Dorado Beach (DB) cannot be one of the best resorts in the world and the flagship of the Hyatt chain," said Stubbe, who noted that if all his plans are realized, the DB-Cerromar complex will be the hotel chain’s largest resort community.

"Dorado Beach employs 1,800 people and this project will make it competitive, ensuring those jobs," said Stubbe, the respected president of the Homebuilders Association, referring to the many marinas that are being built in the Caribbean, especially in the nearby Dominican Republic.

Stubbe has been thinking about La Cala de Dorado for five years, the last three of which have been dedicated to analyzing every aspect of the development in order to prepare the best environmental impact statement (EIS) possible. He has also put together a team of top-level consultants, both locals and from the mainland U.S., to ensure the project is feasible and that the EIS meets all the stringent local and federal laws. Next month the EIS will be submitted for approval to the regulatory agencies.

Stubbe stressed that the idea is not to build a marina but to recreate a small, Mediterranean-style fishing village, albeit one that’s surrounded by the tropical vegetation that is characteristic of his projects. There even will be boats moored alongside the development. Located at Bahia Sardinera, midway between DB’s existing hotel and the property’s boundary line, the 36-acre project will include a manmade breakwater on each side of the cala, or cove, to temper the force of the Atlantic Ocean and allow watercraft to enter and exit the cove.

Stubbe intends to deliver the apartments and homes within two years and for the entire project to be finished within four years. Prices for the apartments haven’t been set, but Stubbe said the 20 homes will cost $1 million-plus each. "I have already received letters and calls from people who want to purchase the villas," he said.

Stubbe, who has built such prestigious developments as Dorado Beach East and Sabanera in Cidra and Gurabo, will now undertake Sabanera de Dorado. That project will comprise 1,500 units—750 apartments and 750 single-family dwellings—and will occupy 850 acres, of which 100 will be reserved for manmade lakes where residents may fish. Most of the houses will have one story on lots of 750 to 1,200 square meters and will be priced from $375,000 to $500,000.

Residents and visitors alike will appreciate Sabanera de Dorado’s bucolic setting. A meandering drive surrounded by lakes and by 100-year-old trees leads to a guarded gate. Across from the gate is the American School in Switzerland (Tasis), a franchise of the Swiss school, which will open in August with 60 students from pre-kindergarten through third grade. Each year the school will add one grade until it reaches the 12th grade. Luis Christiansen, Mari Tere Gonzalez, and her brother Fernando will manage the school, at which all courses will be taught in English.

Once the first 300 houses are built, Stubbe will start construction of the apartment buildings. Because there are 1,500 people on the waiting list, noted Stubbe, he will have to double production. Stubbe’s company builds 100 units a year in Sabanera and the first units will be delivered in January.

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