Vol. 6 No. 30

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Puerto Ricans Weigh Progress And Conflicts Of 50 Years As U.S. Commonwealth

Pesquera Won’t Meet With Conciliation Committee, Bloomberg Heads Celebrants, NPP Caravan Welcomed, Status: Religious Leaders Keep Out… PDP Has Not Hindered Solution…On PIP’s Guanica Agenda…Minority Can Undermine Resolution, NPP Ratifies CUPCO Opposition, Calderon & Berrios Seek Pesquera’s Participation

Kennedy Endorses Status Initiative, NPP Targets Commonwealth’s Limitations, Rodriguez Defends Avant-Garde Constitution, Old SJ Walls’ History Sought, PDP Mayors Invited To Debunk Commonwealth, UPS Ordered To Collect Excise Taxes, Romero Wants Anniversary Celebration Probe, J&J Factory Under Inquiry


Part III: Congress and the Search for Permanence, 1989-2002

Who’s got it right, Calderon or Serrano? – Compact or Colony?

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Professor Gonzalo Córdova: "The Different Meanings Of Commonwealth"



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It’s Time To Play Ball

Commonwealth Gives Puerto Rico A Sports Identity

Rep. Thomas Offers 956 Amendment . . . But Not Calderon’s, No White House Support Seen For Governor’s Proposal

"Compact Or Colony?"

After Five Decades, The Commonwealth Is Running Out Of Gas
Robert Becker

50 Years Later, Commonwealth Still Is Political Fiction
Arturo J. Guzman

One Island, Three Views… Issues Need To Be Addressed… Puerto Rico Struggles To Find Its Place

50th Anniversary Stirs Debate In Puerto Rico

Let Puerto Rico Decide How To End Its Colony Status, True Nationhood Stands On The Pillar Of Independence

Anniversary Fuels Rancor, Activists Refuse To Join Party

Back And Forth: A Puerto Rican Right

Island, Urban Tradition Make Entertaining Mix…Puerto Rican Arts Primer

From Poverty To Progress, Photographs Document Puerto Rico's Transformation As U.S. Commonwealth

Charismatic Chayanne Brings The House Down, Anthony Talks About Breakup

What It Means To Be From Puerto RicoFor Some, A Struggle On The Mainland… Laying Tiles Of The American Dream

Puerto Rican Wakeup Call…Central Florida: A New Promised Land…Migrants, Their Descendants Challenge Definitions Of Who Is A Puerto Rican…More Than One Way To Be Puerto Rican

Puerto Rico: History Is A Many-Layered Thing

Paralyzed Veterans Of America Sets Meeting In Puerto Rico For 56th Annual Convention

The Struggle For Vieques: A Contentious History


Pedro Nieves: Self-Taught Artist Has Found Painting Comes Naturally

The Little Economy That Could, Then Couldn't

Tapping The Puerto Rican Buying Power

Popular Aims To Double In US

Miranda Marin Says Island Has Fallen 20 Years Behind In Global Market

Ondeo/Prasa: 10-Year $4B Deal Is The Largest Operation & Maintenance Contract Ever Signed

Island’s High-Tech Workers Among Lowest Paid, Stats Offer Bleak Salary Outlook

Puerto Rico…History…Commonwealth Status

Diaz Lags Keller's War Chest



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