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Federal Authorities Release Carlos And Yabureibo Zenon

by Proviana Colon Diaz

JULY 12, 2002
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Lifetime anti-U.S. Navy advocates, Carlos Zenon and his son Yabureibo, were released from prison Friday morning after completing a six-month prison sentence for trespassing on federal jurisdiction in Vieques.

The fishermen have been known for trespassing on the restricted sea zone implemented once the Navy resumes military practices in Vieques. The father and his three sons have been found guilty of such charges on many occasions.

This time, however, the father and his youngest son received the maximum sentence allowed for a misdemeanor, after a video was shown in court of a sea chase between the fishermen and the Navy.

Despite the long sentence, both father and son immediately renewed their vows to again trespass on the federal jurisdiction, if military practices were to start again in September, as published reports indicate.

"The fight isn’t over; we are ready to continue with it," said the elder Zenon.

Zenon’s statement was applauded and cheered by dozens of demonstrators who met outside the Metropolitan Detention Center in support of the pair’s actions in Vieques.

Carlos added that after having time to think and meditate in prison he is convinced the Navy won’t leave Vieques on a voluntary basis but rather "we must force it to leave."

Although Vieques leaders, including Popular Democratic Party Mayor Damaso Serrano, have publicly expressed their discomfort with Gov. Sila Calderon’s position in regards to the ousting of the Navy from the island municipality, after meeting with her or talking to her on the phone, their positions have dramatically changed to assume her statements.

The exception to that situation has always been assumed by "Tazo," as the elderly Zenon is also known.

On Friday, the Zenon family expressed their discontent with Calderon, going so far as to calling her "ambivalent" for her position regarding the Vieques issue.

"The governor has been ambivalent and has failed the people of Vieques; there is nothing else to be said about the governor," Zenon said.

Hundreds of demonstrators have been imprisoned after being found guilty of trespassing on federal jurisdiction in Vieques. Until Friday, the unwritten norm had been that upon completion of their sentence, the convicted would walk out of prison hours after their scheduled release. This, however, changed for the release of the Zenon pair as they were let go before to the 9 a.m. scheduled release.

The pair are expected to arrive in Vieques on Saturday morning, where they will also receive a grand welcome.

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