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Retailers Predict Robust Sales This Summer


July 11, 2002
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Sales for the months of May and June were better than for the same period last year, say many in the retail industry, who predict that Puerto Rico’s stores will be packed through the entire summer season.

"May was a good month for sales, and in June we had Father’s Day, which also made for increased sales in comparison with last year. This is a cycle, and we are leaving the bad times and starting to see improvement. I expect back-to-school sales to be good, in part because parents in Puerto Rico are very responsible and always want their kids to be adequately dressed and equipped with the necessary school supplies," said Mike Nolla, president and COO of Manley Berenson.

"It looks like both consumers and tenants are feeling more confident and more comfortable," said Mary Ann Savarese, director of operations at RD Management, which manages more than 10 local shopping malls. "Sales do seem to be picking up, and I see more people carrying shopping bags, which means they’re spending money at the malls. I have also noticed that sales are now more category driven, with women’s apparel being the top seller, while men’s clothes are not selling quite as well."

Martha Hermilla, marketing manager of PMI Inc.’s northeast region, said she has seen both traffic and sales increase since May and expects this trend to continue for the rest of the summer.

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