Vol. 6 No. 27

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Public Healthcare & Schools Need Improvement, NPP Questions Blue Ribbon’s Transparency, Vieques Land Discussed In D.C., Bayamon Mayor Backs Jeb, Federal Childcare Benefits Increased, NPP Leaders Booked On Rioting Charges, Prosecutor Claims To Have Strong Evidence

Fas: Spanish Should Prevail, Governor Signs 2002-2003 Budget, Acevedo Vila Denounced Over Army South Inaction, Ondeo Sets Prasa’s Priorities, Jobs In Short Supply, Perez Addresses Legislature, Pesquera Charged With Rioting, $200M Budget Deficit, Poll Reveals Distrust Of Political Parties

You’re Invited To A Party! But What’s It All About?

Should Government Funds Be Spent On The Commonwealth Celebration?

Puerto Rico VIDEO:
"Our American Citizenship: We're Proud to Have It!"



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It’s Now Hip To Be Arrested For Your Political Beliefs

"Tito" Trinidad To Retire From Boxing; Santos-Takaloo Fight Postponed; 5 Puerto Ricans On MLB All-Star Teams

Acevedo: Loses House GOP Support For More Equal Hospital Aid; Fails To Win Senate Committee Democratic Support For Welfare Increase; Is Contradicted On National Flag Display

A "Taliban" Of Our Own

Rally ‘Round The Flag(s) Continued…De Castro Font, Ramirez De Ferrer, Calderon, Romero, Ortiz Daliot, Gonzalez Colon, Lopez, Rodriguez, et. al.

Moody's Outlook For Puerto Rico

Vieques Symposium Takes Academic Approach, Angers Some

D.C. Police Hire 60 From Puerto Rico


Jeannette B. DeJesus: An Advocate Lives Her Mission

Latin Music Museum Honors Cuban Pete In NYC

Players Go To Bat For El Duque

What Is Bomba And Plena?

Hispanics Flex New Muscle In Southern U.S., Elections To Be Historic

Busy Clinic Takes Pulse Of Health Care For Hispanics

Simon Airs New TV Ad -- en Español

Environmental Compliance Issues May Delay Isla Grande Convention Center

Insuring The Island, Insuring The World: Companies In Puerto Rico Target Hispanics For Insurance And Banking

Puerto Rico’s Gaming Well Developed

At $3.68B, 1Q Local Retail Sales Virtually Flat

It’s New, It’s Hot, And Guess What…It’s Almacenes Rodriguez

Wallyco Makes Prototype Custom Molds For Small Businesses

Moody's Upbeat On Puerto Rico’s Banking System

Selling In Spanish

Bilingual Education: Still Only Promises

Outside View: La Doctrina Bush

The Last Colony



Puerto Ricans . . .
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Paying Its Own Way

American taxpayers have provided

$ 224,743,261,823.13

subsidizing the Puerto Rico Commonwealth,
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