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July 5, 2002
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You’re Invited To A Party! But What’s It All About?

In less than three weeks there’s going to be a party and you’re invited. Please note the date on your calendar; July 25th! Your host is going to spend about $1,600,000.00 on this bash and you won’t even need to bring a present. It’s all about celebrating what occurred fifty years ago on the same date in 1952. We can’t tell you what to wear, since there’s not much information out on what it’s going to be. On second thought, you’d better bring a change of clothes because this fiesta is scheduled to last an entire year. Also, we can’t tell you exactly what you’ll be celebrating because there is little agreement on that point. Every Puerto Rican is on the invitation list but what is questionable is how many of you will show up. If recent plebiscites and referenda are any measure, it could be as low as 2%.

If you do attend, Gov. Sila Calderon will be greeting you at the door. Her Commonwealth Government is footing the bill. She’s promising great entertainment but she’s keeping it a big secret. She’s got scores of island bureaucrats searching for funny hats and noisemakers so that you can be ready when the fun begins. She’s already put a check for $600,000 into their hands and there’s more in the kitty if they need it. She has also put the touch on some high rollers in the business community who are putting smiles on their faces and goodies on the table — anything to keep the party going. Unfortunately, there are some ugly rumors going round about this "hoedown." Some are saying that this is all about sanctifying the Commonwealth status and glorifying the Governor’s political party.


She says it isn’t so.

Don’t worry if you’re not going to be in San Juan on party day (year). This is a "movable feast." It’s island-wide and the revelry will expand to mainland cities with large Puerto Rican populations. This "shindig" will come to you, wherever you happen to be. Also don’t concern yourself about the cost. You deserve a little fun. With the higher taxes you’re now paying, with the island’s deficit growing and with so many folks out of work, a few laughs will do everyone good.

So "loosen up." Pretend that this party is really about honoring the Puerto Rico Constitution and the system of local government that it fostered. Pretend that it’s to recognize the accomplishments of Puerto Ricans who brought honor to their heritage and pride to the nation of their citizenship over the past half century. Banish words like "territory" and "colony" from your lips. Try to believe that it is an attempt to bring harmony and unity to the Puerto Rican population. Do you remember the tune, "It’s The Best of Both Worlds?" You get it started and we’ll all sing along.

And, we’ll see you at the party!

By the way, what do you think?

Should Government Funds Be Spent On The Commonwealth Celebration?

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Should Government Funds Be Spent On The Commonwealth Celebration?

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