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Wallyco Makes Prototype Custom Molds For Small Businesses

Molds are up to one-third cheaper than those made in U.S. mainland or in foreign countries


July 4, 2002
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Wallyco, a local manufacturer of plastic injection molds, has begun a new venture to provide small-business entrepreneurs with prototype molds at one-third the prices charged by U.S. and foreign manufacturers.

"For the past three months, Wallyco has been working with several companies producing soft-steel or aluminum molds at reasonable prices," said Wallyco President Wally Cruz. "Our plan is to focus on local inventors and entrepreneurs whose only option until now has been to invest in molds that cost up to $20,000. If we can reduce those costs, small companies can step up their production and eventually move on to larger production outputs, which our company can also serve."

Established in 1999, Wallyco’s work force of nearly 20 employees produces small, quarter-inch-long resin or plastic molded pieces for manufacturing companies such as Stanric Inc., Chemtronics, and Precision Handling Devices. The company made more than 20 million pieces during its first year and doubled that figure in 2001.

One of Wallyco’s first custom mold customers is Corozal’s Luhrs Enterprises, which manufacturers storm shutters. Wallyco already makes the end caps that are placed on each shutter’s slat. Now the company is working with Bayamon’s Tool & Die Makers School to produce Luhrs’ first end-cap mold, which Luhrs had imported from Germany. Two additional custom molds for Luhrs will be ready in July.

Storage rack manufacturer Angleshelf of Puerto Rico ordered two custom molds that should also be ready in July. The company used to order its molds from England.

"Wallyco is able to produce Class 104 mold inserts. These can be installed in frames since they are made from soft steel or aluminum. Small-business owners or investors can take advantage of these cost-effective molds to perfect their products before investing in a permanent and more expensive mold," said Cruz.

After buying PhD of Puerto Rico’s equipment and machinery in a transaction estimated in the high six figures, Cruz invested $275,000 for additional equipment. Established in a Puerto Rico Industrial Development Co. building in Loiza’s Mediania Industrial Park, Wallyco’s sales increased 36% in fiscal year 2001 compared with FY 2000.

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