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It’s New, It’s Hot, And Guess What…It’s Almacenes Rodriguez

75-Year-Old Chain Freshens Up Stores And Marketing Strategies


July 4, 2002
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Some 20 years ago, Almacenes Rodriguez was a leader in the local shoe-store industry, but increased competition and a reduction in marketing efforts made what was once a household name lose its shine. Now, under the leadership of Marketing & Public Relations Director Maite Rodriguez, the chain is making a comeback–right on time to celebrate its 75th anniversary.

"There were a series of events that made Almacenes Rodriguez lose business. There were things such as advertising strategies, promotion efforts, and sponsorships that were not being taken care of. At the same time, competition was increasing. The company’s biggest mistake was to not continue innovating. The company kept catering to the same demographic groups it had catered to for years, ignoring the new generations that could have been excellent clients but were shopping elsewhere," said 23-year-old Rodriguez, who represents the family-owned company’s fourth generation.

Rodriguez has learned from her predecessors’ mistakes. "We will continue to cater to the more traditional clientele that prefers conservative shoes, but we are now concentrating on getting the newest fashions before anyone else. To accomplish this we are constantly going to fashion shows in Europe to check out the latest styles," she said. This strategy is loyal to the company’s once popular slogan: "Donde lo nuevo llega primero" (Where new merchandise arrives first).

Rodriguez told CARIBBEAN BUSINESS that Almacenes Rodriguez is also freshening its advertising, making it a little sexier to attract younger generations. The ads are placed on point-of-purchase posters, in newspapers, with plans for a future radio campaign. Another strategy, said Rodriguez, is to sponsor local fashion shows such as San Juan Fashion Week, which features the top local designers.

Additionally, the Almacenes Rodriguez stores are being revamped. "As part of out 75th anniversary we are totally remodeling our Plaza Las Americas store, giving it a Prada-like look. It will feature white marble-and-glass shelves and should be ready for August," said Rodriguez. The company’s full-service outlet stores in Canovanas and Barceloneta are also being remodeled. "The basic idea is to give Almacenes Rodriguez an upscale look."

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