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Church Orders Probe On New Pedophile Case

Cintron To Resign

Pessimism Over New Job Opportunities

McClintock Favors Naguabo-Vieques Bridge

''The Albizu Project'' On View

Puerto Rican Fugitive Caught In Michigan

Rodriguez Supports Amending SIP Law

Probe Ordered On New Pedophile Case In Catholic Church

May 28, 2002
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SAN JUAN (AP) - The archbishop of San Juan, Roberto Gonzalez Nieves, said that he would order an investigation of a priest with the rank of Monsignor regarding published reports that he abused a child who was an altar boy.

Although the archbishop’s office did not want to reveal the identity of the investigator, he assured that the consulting committee which investigated another priest for a similar act committed in Bayamon would be created again.

The actions, as reported by a local newspaper, occurred in the metropolitan area in 1978 and in subsequent years by the Monsignor, who is said to be a close friend of Cardinal Luis Aponte Martínez.

The archbishop urged "possible accusers against a cleric, employee, or volunteer from our archdiocese to first go to the civil authorities." Likewise, he asked victims to "file their complaint in our archdiocese. "

In the 1980s the monsignor in question was considered one of the most important figures in the ecclesiastical community. He was one of the main proponents of the construction of the Bayamon Catholic High School. He does not currently occupy any position.

It is known that at least three other priests had been notified of the abuse to which the victim had been subjected in the latest case.

The victim lives in the United States but has not formalized the complaint in the presence of a notary so that his family can represent him before the archbishop. If necessary, the victim is also prepared to personally accuse the archbishop to civil authorities.

Angel Cintron To Resign His Post At The House

May 28, 2002
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SAN JUAN (AP) — New Progressive Party (NPP) Angel Cintron will resign his post at the House of Representatives by June 15 to concentrate on his duties as NPP secretary general in September, according to published reports.

Cintron had earlier denied that his multiple duties as a legislator, secretary general, and law student were too much to bear at the same time.

He had also been suspended of work and salary for 10 days for allegedly violating the Full-Time Legislator Law.

A local daily newspaper reported that former NPP Reps. Edwin Mundo and Lourdes Ramos, as well as former Ponce mayoral candidate Javier Bustillo and NPP Youth presidential candidate William Villafañe are most likely to enter the contest for Cintron’s seat.

Cintron’s vacancy is the second one for the NPP during this four-year term, after former NPP Rep. Edison Misla Aldarondo stepped down following his arrest and charges in federal court on corruption.

Pessimism Over New Job Opportunities On Island

May 27, 2002
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SAN JUAN (AP) — According to a poll conducted by a local newspaper, most Puerto Ricans are not optimistic that new opportunities for employment can develop.

Of the total number of people interviewed, 81% said there are "not that many jobs" currently available, and 46% said they thought there will be fewer employment opportunities within the next six months. Only 12% felt that there would be more jobs in the near future.

Economist Heidi Calero said this is a normal reaction due to the fact that the unemployment rate is going up. "It’s a marginal increase, but an increase nevertheless. It is not easy to find employment," said Calero, president of H. Calero Consulting Group.

The unemployment rate in March 2002 rose to 12.3%, compared to 10.7% in March 2001. The economist added that workers who lost their jobs due to factory closings, or for other reasons, find it difficult to obtain work because economic activity is on hold.

McClintock Favors Bill To Build Naguabo-Vieques Bridge

May 26, 2002
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PONCE (AP) - New Progressive Party (NPP) Senate Minority Leader Kenneth McClintock said he favors a bill filed by Popular Democratic Party (PDP) Sen. Jose Luis Dalmau to build a bridge from Naguabo to Vieques.

"Personally, I believe Dalmau's bill is a fascinating and liberating idea, because it would allow Vieques residents to participate more closely of the Puerto Rican way of life," McClintock said.

The senator said NPP President Carlos Pesquera, whom he described as one of the most prestigious structural engineers in Puerto Rico, believes that the project is totally possible.

Right now, the only ways to reach Vieques are by taking a ferry or by airplane departing from Fajardo.

The idea is also favored by Vieques Mayor Damaso Serrano, who is working on a project to establish a shorter maritime route from Naguabo to Fajardo.

If the bridge is built, McClintock also suggested to charge a toll fee.

"I think people will line up to pay the toll, because it will be one of the most beautiful rides one can take with the family," said McClintock.

The NPP senator said there could even be a bus system.

"In that bus, a Vieques resident would only have to pay a dollar to go to Naguabo, which would reduce the cost of what he or she pays by ferry. A Vieques resident wouldn't have to travel for 45 minutes, since the estimated travel time by bridge would be from 10 to 15 minutes," he added.

Dalmau has said the bridge's estimated cost could reach $425 million.


''The Albizu Project'' On View


May 26, 2002
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JERSEY CITY -- A Puerto Rican demigod is the subject of a show at the Jersey City Museum.

Don Pedro Albizu Campos, known as Albizu, is an almost mythic figure in Puerto Rican history. Educated at Harvard, he was a leader in the fight for Puerto Rican independence, and was imprisoned in the United States over a 25- year period beginning in 1936. He was usually charged with conspiracy against the government, and served a total of 17 years in prison.

Albizu's life and cause has inspired many artists, including Manuel Acevedo of Newark. His show, ''The Albizu Project,'' is an installation that includes photographs, a videotape, rows of flip books containing poetry written by Mr. Acevedo, and the centerpiece, his sketchbook.

A large digital print contains Albizu's death mask, but it bas been turned into a hill in the Puerto Rican countryside. The image is a kind of ingenious Mount Rushmore. The flip books are ingenious, too. They usually contain Mr. Acevedo's paeans to Puerto Rico. As a viewer looks through the books, the words, differently situated on successive pages, have a visual flow. The flipping is done for us on the videotape, where it is interspersed with footage of daily life on the island.

The exhibitions continue through Sept. 1 at the Jersey City Museum. Information: (201) 413-0303 or info@jerseycitymuseum. org.

Puerto Rican Fugitive Wanted In 12 Killings Is Arrested In Michigan

May 25, 2002
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DETROIT (AP) - A suspect in a dozen murders in Puerto Rico is being held in Michigan after being arrested Thursday.

U.S. Marshals stopped Alexis Candelario Santana while he was driving in Dearborn and arrested him without incident, U.S. Marshal spokesman Louis Stock said.

Candelario Santana, 30, was brought before a federal magistrate later Thursday to initiate the process of extradition to the U.S. Caribbean territory.

"He has not been removed back to Puerto Rico, that may take days or weeks," Brock said.

Candelario Santana is accused of participating in 12 killings in the San Juan suburbs of Bayamon, Toa Baja y Dorado, as part of the "Rubber Tree Gang," which allegedly controlled some drug sales in the area.

The suspect had been moving between the cities of Orlando, Fla., and Detroit, said Herman Wirshing, head of the Marshal's Service in Puerto Rico.

Marshals had been searching for Candelario Santana for four months.

A message was left with the federal defender handling Santana's case.

Justice Secretary Continues To Lobby To Amend SIP Law

By Raquel Velazquez

May 24, 2002
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Despite opposition from both the Bar Association and the Mayors Association, Justice Secretary Anabelle Rodriguez affirmed to WOW News that she will continue to work toward the approval of the bill that amends the Special Independent Prosecutor (SIP) Panel Law that would return cases in which the panel finds no cause to the Justice Department.

"The measure favors us, and we are going to continue working on it," Rodriguez said. "I have indicated in the past that I feel this measure is necessary and advisable."

Rodriguez remarked that the SIP law was approved in Puerto Rico in the 1980s and previously in the United States.

"The SIP Panel Office no longer exists in the United States, and it was left to expire in Puerto Rico, under the belief that it would become an anachronism or a relic," she said.

The Justice official added that "I believe we have to warrant this [the measure] in order to assure ourselves that, in effect, the Justice Department assumes its proper constitutionally mandated role."

The SIP Office has expressed opposition to the bill, stating that it would diminish their duties as an independent panel.

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