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Comments: Onerous Commonwealth Taxes

April 10, 2002
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I couldn't help respond to the letter commenting on Hansen's comments on taxes in Puerto Rico.

I was shocked at how much more taxes I had to pay in Puerto Rico on EVERYTHING. Especially the income tax. It was twice what I was paying in the States for Federal Income Tax. The tax on a new car is about 16% in Puerto Rico, again twice as in the states, but you never see it because it is hidden in the price of the car, but you pay it. The same for most products.

What you get for those taxes is about half the value as well. Being a homeowner and working in Puerto Rico was just too expensive for me although I love living on my Island.

In the states you have higher wages but pay less taxes and usually get a much higher quality of services. Hansen needs to know we are not allowed to pay Federal Income taxes so we are stuck with onerous Commonwealth Taxes.


Emmett Alonzo Hudson

Austin, TX

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