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Puerto Rican Power In U.S. Fundamental For 956 Approval

By Proviana Colon Diaz of WOW News

April 5, 2002
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Resident Commissioner Anibal Acevedo Vila stressed Friday the power Puerto Rican communities in the United States have in achieving important economical benefits for the Commonwealth.

One such benefit, described by Gov. Sila Calderon’s administration as a key element in the island’s economic development, is achieving U.S. Internal Revenue Code Section 956.

Acevedo made his statements during a lunch forum sponsored by the National Puerto Rican Coalition annual assembly on the economic development of the island.

Minutes later, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley announced that the city’s 50 councilmen endorse the island’s efforts to achieve the tax incentive.

"I am sending a letter to our congressional delegation and senators to call all party lines. I pledge to you that I will be writing letters and supporting this proposition," Daley said.

The mayor added that the tax incentive guarantees more jobs for "the American people in America."

Also addressing the coalition Friday was Economic Development and Commerce Secretary Ramon Cantero Frau, who gave an overview of the economic development measures that have been created under the Calderon administration.

He too believed that Puerto Rican leaders in the United States endorsing the Commonwealth’s efforts is of utmost importance.

"Daley’s support is of utmost importance because he is one of the most influential mayors in the nation," Cantero Frau said.

Acevedo Vila added that the power of the Puerto Rican communities in the United States would increase as they register and vote.

To that effect, the Commonwealth will invest between $2 million and $4 million in an educational campaign urging Puerto Ricans living on the mainland to register.

According to Acevedo Vila, a similar campaign was held decades ago in New York. The new campaign, however, will be aimed at other cities with large Puerto Rican communities, such as Chicago, Orlando, and Connecticut.

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