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The Time To Become Involved In The Future Of Our Territories Has Come!

March 19, 2002
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Dear Editor:

I would like to locate a group composed of "gringos" and the locals, the environmentalists and the innkeepers, the independentistas and the pro-Navy groups that have the common goal of preserving Vieques dignity as well as preventing the construction of several new buildings within the Sun Bay/Bioluminescent Bay Natural Reserve that are going to, forever damage the pristine landscaping of Vieques.

I believe that la Isla Nena deserves more dignity, care and respect than the proposed new buildings which includes a fishermen wharf, a fishermen pier, and several concrete bungalows. I just came from Boqueron and was appalled to see how badly and ugly this bungalows look now. Vieques deserves a much better future that that of Boqueron. We should not allow all this mistakes to be repeated again. My idea is to join a "grass-root" organization that would fight for preserving Vieques' environmental assets (a kind of "Save Vieques" committee).

The time to become involved in the future of our territories has come!


Albia Morales
Aguada, Puerto Rico 00602'

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