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Baxter Fenwald San German Reaches For Potential $70 Million Investment

Parent company’s approval to manufacture a new product that makes donor blood safer could double the plant’s 600-employee work force


March 21, 2002
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Baxter Healthcare Corp.-Fenwald division’s capital investments in Puerto Rico could reach $70 million by 2007 if it is granted approval to manufacture a new product, said Luis Alvarado, general manager of Baxter’s operation in San German.

Waiting for final corporate go-ahead, the pharmaceutical manufacturing company expects to be in full production of its new product—Pathogen Inactivation—by 2004. Pathogen Inactivation makes donor blood safer by inactivating the DNA process in its viruses and bacteria. Its production could double the plant’s 600-employee work force.

In the past two years, Baxter Fenwald San German received $15 million to expand its product lines and make infrastructure improvements. The company has already been assigned $4 million for capital outlays during 2002.

As evidence of the plant’s capacity and outstanding performance, its parent company Baxter Corp.’s recently presented the San German operation four awards, including Best Quality Improvement, Cash Flow Improvement, Best Financial Improvement, and Fenwald Integrity Awards.

"This reflects directly on Baxter Fenwald San German’s facility associates and their outstanding performance and participation. The awards are ample evidence of our commitment to excellence," said Alvarado.

"Our facility’s primary product is the Amicus Platelet Collection System, part of a new generation of devices that aid in the collection of blood and its various components. It is disposable and works in conjunction with another important Baxter product, the Amicus Separator. The plant’s second major product is a plasma collection device called the Autopheresis-C Plasma Separation System. When fully assembled with Baxter’s AutoC, it is used to separate plasma from a donor’s whole blood," said Alvarado.

Baxter Fenwald San German was established in 1995. The company is one of three divisions that make up Baxter’s Fenwald del Caribe. Its sister plants are found in Maricao, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic.

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