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Elizam's Passages

March 8, 2002
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"Paisajes y pasajes del regreso" is the title of the latest exhibition to encompass the most recent work by Puerto Rican artist Elizam Escobar. Now showing at Museo de Arte de Ponce, the exhibition will be on display until April 14.

According to Marilú Purcell, curator of the exhibition, Elizam presents 25 recent paintings and mixed media. These were created in the past year, during which he continued to work with figuration and human dynamics in tight, fascinating, claustrophobic spaces. Elizam has a tendency to derive his subjects from philosophy and psychology, making him one of Puerto Rico's knowledgeable painters.

"Dreams, human dynamics, hypocrisy, and duality, are some of the themes Elizam impeccably works," states Purcell, who reaffirms that "Elizam is a maestro of form, talent with which he imparts a rich lyric onto his canvas."

"Elizam Escobar uses his art as an act of liberation, which goes beyond therapy; it's a continuation of his life. His work reflects his inner strength, with which he reproduces in a thematic series to capture the conflicts we live with as individuals and as a pueblo," the curator concludes.

Considered one of Puerto Rico's most illustrious revolutionaries, poets, and painters, Elizam Escobar was born in Ponce, May 24, 1948. He was one of 11 Puerto Rican political prisoners granted clemency by President Clinton in September 1999.

Upon being released, Elizam immediately returned to the island, where he continued his painting, an art he never abandoned while in prison, despite the lack of materials.

He obtained a bachelor's in visual arts from University of Puerto Rico and continued studies at New York City College, Museo del Barrio, and Art Students League in NYC. Elizam also studied philosophy and worked as a public school teacher. His published work has appeared in such magazines as Beginnings, Currents, and Left Curve. Elizam has had 26 individual art exhibitions, some which were held in such prominent North American galleries as Preto (1979), Morivi (1980), and Prospectus (1993).

Museo de Arte de Ponce is on Ave. Las Américas in Ponce. For more information, call (787) 848-0505.

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