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Time-Saving Electronic Toll System To Be Installed


March 7, 2002
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Drivers will benefit later this year from the installation of new electronic toll devices scheduled for placement at the Buchanan and Caguas tollbooths, Puerto Rico Highway Authority Executive Director Fernando Fagundo told CARIBBEAN BUSINESS.

"We’re working with banks and gas stations to put together a system by which drivers will be able to purchase toll stickers that they will attach to their cars," Fagundo said. He indicated that the system would be similar to the one already used on the Teodoro Moscoso bridge from Isla Verde to Rio Piedras.

"With this system, drivers will be able to go through designated lanes of the Buchanan and Caguas toll booths at up to 40 miles per hour," Fagundo said. The Highway Authority executive director said the system would subsequently be added to other heavily trafficked tollbooths around the island.

If a car goes through the designated lanes without a sticker–or an expired or underfunded sticker–the driver’s vehicle will be videotaped and he or she will receive a hefty fine in the mail, Fagundo said. "We’re also working on including an e-mail component, so drivers will be informed by e-mail when the amount remaining available on their toll sticker is low."

Fagundo said the new system will bring major relief to current vehicular congestion during peak morning and afternoon hours at the Buchanan and Caguas tollbooths.

Another relief measure for Buchanan tollbooth users, he said, is the imminent elimination of the outbound Buchanan toll section. The project–which is scheduled for completion later this month–will open up four toll-free outbound lanes at the Buchanan section of PR-22. The inbound lanes at the Buchanan tollbooth will be expanded, and inbound toll will be doubled to $0.70 to maintain revenue levels.

Additional lane widening projects on PR-22 between Buchanan and Rio Hondo are scheduled for completion by the end of 2003, he said.

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