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PBS Enters Latin Kitchen

By Renee Enna

February 21, 2002
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Entrada: Journeys in Latin American Cuisine, a new entry in the public television lineup, takes viewers on food-and-travel expeditions through Central and South America. Host Roanna (rhymes with Madonna) takes a cook's tour of various countries, including Mexico, Puerto Rico and Argentina.

A recent show in Costa Rica included a trip to a coffee plantation, a butterfly farm, racing rapids and a local chef who made coffee-based dishes. Much of each half-hour program is conducted in Spanish and English, in a manner that is instructive rather than confusing.

The food coverage is fun to watch, though it's presented in a cursory manner (one dish used four raw eggs with no caveat about the risk of salmonella). An attractive companion Web site,, offers additional information as well as recipes from the shows, though again, they are not as concise as we would like. (For instance, the flambeed shrimp provides no clues on how to start the flame or what kind of pan is best for this technique.)

It airs on WPBT-Ch. 2 on Saturdays at 11:30 a.m.

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