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Men Feel More Romantic On Vacations Than Women

February 6, 2002
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 SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Puerto Rico Tourism Company Offers Romantic Remedies for Bringing Back Love and Feeling into Relationships

American men feel more romantic on vacation than American women do, according to a survey conducted on behalf of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC).

According to a telephone poll of approximately 1,000 Americans, 56 percent of the men compared to only 43 percent of the women surveyed, reported they felt more amorous on vacations.

Romantic Remedies Right Next Door

Women and men who want to bring back love and feeling into their relationships should consider a long weekend in nearby Puerto Rico, a destination that offers a diverse, well-rounded experience for all types of romantics. Whether a couple is looking for a night of dancing under the stars or a quiet walk on a luminescent white sand beach, they will find romance hard to resist in Puerto Rico. A sexy getaway, Puerto Rico offers all the pleasures of a Caribbean paradise without the hassle of a long trip, passport or foreign currency.

"Everyone feels romantic in Puerto Rico," said Milton Segarra, Executive Director of the PRTC. "Our world class resorts are famous for catering to the needs and whims of each guest. Everyone feels comfortable and relaxed on our Island of Enchantment. It's the ideal destination for couples seeking adventure together or just private moments in a mesmerizing environment."

Simply Irresistible...

The Island next door offers beaches, attractions and nightlife that add spice to any relationship, making Puerto Rico the ideal romantic remedy for couples to:

  • Re-invigorate the romance - take a romantic stroll along the beach or wander hand-in-hand through the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan or just enjoy stunning sunsets at seaside attractions like Rincon, which features a charming lighthouse and many cozy inns
  • Indulge - pamper yourselves with a bottle of champagne and daily breakfast in bed from an ocean-view room at The Club, a trendy boutique hotel in Isla Verde
  • Experience the unforgettable - take a romantic evening tour of a bioluminescent bay aboard a clear-bottom boat and watch millions of tiny neon-green dots flutter frenetically in the water
  • Spend a night on the town - revel in annual festivals and outdoor concerts at hot spots like Boqueron, or explore the countless bars and music clubs in Old San Juan catering to those who enjoy the nightlife

About PRTC: The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC), created in 1970, is a public corporation responsible for stimulating, promoting and regulating the development of the tourism industry. It markets Puerto Rico as a tourism destination through advertising, public relations and promotional activities; promotes tourism among local residents; provides visitor orientation and technical assistance to investors; evaluates tourism facilities and establishes standards of quality; and regulates and oversees gaming operations. PRTC has offices and representatives in the U.S. mainland, Canada, Europe and Latin America.

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