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The Washington Times

Executive Branch Still On Slippery War Footing: Political Pandering To Minority Groups

By J. Michael Waller

February 4, 2002
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All the money in the world won't win the war until the United States gets on the "war footing" that the White House announced a week after the Sept. 11 attacks. Behind the facade of unity, the executive branch is divided about how to wage the war against terrorism.

  • The Pentagon's cumbersome procurement processes have not been waived to speed vital military equipment to key allies abroad.
  • Bureaucratic sluggishness continues to slow the appointments of key national-security posts, with Clinton holdovers remaining on the job and causing divisions.
  • Political pandering to minority groups prompted the Navy secretary to reject a request from the chief of naval operations and the commandant of the Marine Corps to allow an aircraft-carrier battle group to train on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques before combat duty in the Arabian Sea.
  • As military strategists devised plans on how to engage an armed Iraqi opposition group in a future attack on the Saddam Hussein regime, the State Department shut off the funds to that very force.
  • Senior military officers advanced for their ability to meet the standards of the politically correct Clinton administration have continued to behave as if small numbers of active-duty war fighters and mobilized reserves will be sufficient to get the job done.

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