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Should PR Governors Also Lead Their Parties?

February 1, 2002
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With this edition, the Herald begins a new weekly feature asking readers for their views on current issues affecting Puerto Rico. Results of each week’s poll will be reported in the following week’s edition.

This week’s question is: Should Puerto Rico’s governors also serve as presidents of their political parties?

Traditionally, the governors of Puerto Rico have also served as the presidents of their political parties. The island’s former governor, Pedro Rossello, who led the New Progressive Party, said that he would create legislation to separate the two functions, but never got it accomplished. Currently, Governor Sila Calderon is also President of the Popular Democratic Party.

This issue is again being debated on the island, as investigations of political corruption abound and indictments are handed down to politicians accused of taking bribes and kickbacks, funneling some of the money to finance the campaigns of their respective parties.

While Governor Calderon has proposed campaign finance reform to address these issues, she has not taken a stand on whether the positions of governor and party leader should be separated.

Final Poll Results
Should Puerto Rico's governors also serve as presidents of their political parties?

18% Yes
74% No
8% Not Sure


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