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IOC Appoints Carrion

Archbishop: Vieques Shouldn't Get Out Of Hand

GOP Goes After The Hispanic Vote

Rangel Praises P.R.

Rove Reiterates Bush’s Promise

Acevedo Vila: 956 OK Is "Main Priority"

Santini Accuses Calderon Of Political Persecution

Indonesia Stiffens Caceres’ Killer’s Sentences

IOC Appoints Carrion

January 21, 2002
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LONDON (AP) -- Increased roles for U.S. Olympic officials were announced Monday by IOC president Jacques Rogge.

Rogge released the list of 25 advisory boards for issues ranging from financing to stamp collecting.

U.S. Olympic Committee president Sandra Baldwin and new chief executive Lloyd Ward were given significant roles, a sign of Rogge's desire to strengthen relations with the powerful American body. Baldwin and Ward were both named to the marketing commission. A third American, Jim Easton, was reappointed to the panel.

Rogge named Richard Carrion of Puerto Rico head of the finance commission. Carrion, a banking executive, has been serving as vice president of the commission.

Fifteen of the commissions are headed by Europeans, four will be chaired by North or South Americans, and two each by Australians, Asians and Africans.

Archbishop: Vieques Issue Shouldn't Get Out Of Hand

January 21, 2002
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SAN JUAN (AP) - San Juan Archbishop Roberto Gonzalez asked the people of Puerto Rico to be tolerant with others who have different opinion regarding the Vieques issue. The religious leader also asked the authorities to maintain order with dignity and respect.

Gonzalez Nieves said in published reports that "violence, hatred and division must be overcome to maintain a climate of serenity, respect, and unity so the peace of God may be sowed in our hearts."

The archbishop added that the authorities should do their job but must also do their best to keep respect and dignity in a democracy.

Republicans Go After The Hispanic Vote

January 21, 2002
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SAN JUAN (AP) - The Puerto Rico delegate for the Republican Party Luis Fortuño said it is evident that the party wants to steal the Hispanic vote away from the Democrats.

According to Fortuño, the interest of the Republican Party in the Hispanic vote "is a reflection of the person we have at the White House."

"I believe Bush is a president who may be of great help to the Hispanic community," Fortuño said in published reports.

Fortuño and delegate Zoraida Fonalledas headed the Puerto Rico delegation during the winter session of the Grand Old Party.

Rangel Notes The Island's Importance For U.S.

January 20, 2002
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DORADO (AP) - U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) noted this weekend the importance that Puerto Rico has for the U.S. economic and financial plans in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Rangel also reiterated his commitment to see that Puerto Rico receives the adequate economic benefits in areas such as education and health, mainly in those that have to do with Medicaid and Medicare, as well as granting other economic mechanisms that would help the island's development and growth.

"We see Puerto Rico playing an important role in our economic plan for Latin America. Something sort of like Hong-Kong, and the resources should be provided to achieve this," said Rangel during a meeting held on Saturday.

The meeting was held to raise funds for a foundation through which Rangel helps finance the election and reelection campaigns of other U.S. Congress members.

White House Political Strategist Reiterates Bush's Promise

January 20, 2002
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SAN JUAN (AP) - The key political strategist at the White House, Karl Rove, said the U.S. Navy will have to leave Vieques by May 2003, just as President George W. Bush has firmly stated.

"The president has established his position with much clarity. We must go train some place else," Rove said in published reports.

However, Rove noted that it is up to Navy Secretary Gordon England to make the final decision on the matter.

England has said he hopes that by June, the Naval Analysis Center be able to file a report on the other options the Navy has to continue its military practices.

"I am sure the secretary of the Navy will give this issue the most serious consideration," Rove stated.

U.S. Legislator Optimistic On Section 956 Amendment

January 20, 2002
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U.S. Rep. Philip Crane, main sponsor in the U.S. House of Representatives of the bill that promotes amendments to U.S. Internal Revenue Code Section 956, reiterated to Gov. Sila Calderon his commitment to the bill's approval and expressed his optimism that it could be approved this year.

Crane, R-Ill., met Friday at La Fortaleza with the governor, Resident Commissioner Anibal Acevedo Vila, and Commerce and Economic Development Secretary Ramon Cantero Frau.

The governor said Crane told her that he continues to be committed to the economic proposal and will put all his efforts this year so that the bill will be approved.

"He told us he feels optimistic. That confirms that our job in Congress to impulse the amendments has had success, and despite the difficult situation the United States is facing, the economic proposal of Puerto Rico is well directed, and we continue to be confident that we will have good news for everyone this summer," Calderon said.

The resident commissioner said the bill already has 45 co-sponsors in Congress, with strong bipartisan support, 13 of which belong to the Ways and Means Committee, which has main jurisdiction on the bill.

"The approval of this amendment is my main priority this year," Acevedo Vila said.

Santini Accuses Government Of Political Persecution

January 18, 2002
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SAN JUAN (AP) - San Juan Mayor Jorge Santini accused Friday Gov. Sila Calderon's administration of political persecution against the municipalities with New Progressive Party mayors.

As examples of political persecution, Santini mentioned the elimination of funds and public interest projects in the municipalities of San Juan and Canovanas.

"Calderon's government has an attitude of a persecuting government because it is taking away funds," the statehood mayor said. "Just look at what they did in Canovanas with projects that were already approved."

He censured the government for excluding him from the board of directors of projects that will be built and where San Juan had a seat.

"They have taken away funds for works, starting with the halting of the Urban Train, and that costs us millions of dollars," Santini said.

Indonesian Court Stiffens Sentences Of W. Timor Killers

January 18, 2002
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JAKARTA, Jan. 18 (Kyodo) - Indonesia's Supreme Court has toughened the light jail terms meted out to six East Timoresee militiamen who murdered three U.N. aid workers, among them Carlos Caceres, an American who was born in Puerto Rico, in Indonesia's West Timor in September 2000, a lawyer and a judge said Friday.

Last May, the North Jakarta District Court sentenced the six men to between 10 and 20 months in jail for "committing violence that resulted in the death of the three U.N. staffers."

Suhadi Sumomuljono, a lawyer for the six, said four of the men will have their sentences extended to seven years, while two others get five years in jail, according to the Supreme Court ruling.

Supreme Court Judge Laica Marzuki said the court decision is aimed at proving to the international community the serious implementation of law in the country.

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