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Auto Sales For 2001 On Par With 2000


January 24, 2002
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Last year’s new vehicles sales finished less than 0.5% below 2000 numbers, according to the Puerto Rico Automotive Retail Sales’ December report for the month, which is prepared by Mazda distributor Plaza Motors Corp.

According to the report, 122,958 new vehicles were sold in 2001 compared to 123,403 in 2000. Most industry experts consider the results very good, especially in the light of last year’s economic slowdown and the Sept 11 events.

Compared to 2000, the American auto segment registered a 4% sales decrease in 2001, while the Japanese, Korean, and European segments grew 0.2%, 8%, and 5%, respectively.

Once again, Toyota closed 2001 as the best selling brand on the island. Toyota de Puerto Rico sold 23,691 new vehicles in 2001, a 5% increase when compared to the 22,763 units it sold during 2000.

"These excellent results are due to our growth in client satisfaction, associate & dealer training, administrative & operational processes, commitment & support of the Toyota dealer network, and aggressive financing plans of Toyota Credit in Puerto Rico," said Bob Weldon, president of Toyota de Puerto Rico.

Brands that registered growth during 2001 include: Isuzu, Suzuki, Toyota, Acura, Lexus, Kia, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen, and Ford.

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