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Puerto Rico Statehood Could Only Strengthen Democrats!!

January 4, 2002
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Had Puerto Rico been a state during the 2000 Presidential Election, it would be Democratic nominee Albert Arnold Gore, Jr., elected 43rd President of the United States outright, NOT Republican nominee George Walker Bush, regardless of whether he has won the state of Florida, whose state ballot results for President were in dispute.

Besides Puerto Ricans and most of the other minority groups tend to vote for Democratic candidates for political offices since the Republican Party has a record of being hostile to minorities in some ways albeit not all of its party members are racists, the party's general ideological stances are far less appealing to most minority voters.

Although Bush did exceptionally well among Hispanic communities (mainly big boost from the Cubans, who are the only Republican-voting Hispanic group while Puerto Ricans, the Democratic constituents, were far less supportive of him), he still failed to carry that voting bloc despite his fluency in Spanish during the tightly contested 2000 Presidential Election, which he almost lost. In addition, it would make it harder for Bush and other Republican officeholders to hold onto power when they are up for reelection in the future should Puerto Rico become a state.

With whatever was just aforementioned, Republicans in the U.S. Congress better start reassessing their intention to push for Puerto Rico statehood for that some of their fellow Republicans oppose such idea since it would strengthen Democrats' political power. And for any Republicans in the U.S. Congress who try to make Puerto Rico a state fail to understand the consequences of their own action, they should be voted out of the office and be replaced by Democrats in the future elections.

Michael Kwan

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