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De Castro Font Confesses That He Is A Statehooder

January 5, 2002
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PONCE (AP) - After several months of fierce criticisms of the Popular Democratic Party (PDP) and Gov. Sila Calderon's actions, Rep. Jorge de Castro Font finally confessed to being in favor of statehood.

"I have to say that I am a statehooder, and I would vote for statehood in a plebiscite," he said Saturday.

However, he declined to affirm if he would join the ranks of the New Progressive Party, which pursues this ideal.

Though his conservative positions gained him criticism in the PDP, De Castro Font unleashed a fierce opposition campaign to the PDP leadership and Calderon after his aspiration to preside the House of Representatives were frustrated.

His conservative positions, each time more distant from the PDP, cost him his expulsion last year.

"I was a commonwealther that believed that I could maintain My Puerto Rican identity and my permanent union with the United States," he said.

However, he said he thought the search of greater autonomy that is being promoted by the PDP will distance Puerto Rico from the United States.

"The only salvation for the commonwealthers who believe in the United States and don't want to lose that union is to vote for statehood for Puerto Rico," he said.

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