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Puerto Rico Becomes Headquarters For Mcdonalds Caribbean


January 10, 2002
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This year will mark significant changes for McDonalds local operations, as Puerto Rico becomes company headquarters for the fast-food franchises operations in 15 Caribbean islands and welcomes a new managing director, Brian Unger.

The Caribbean region now comprises more offices than any other region in the world, according to Unger, who was previously marketing manager for the Caribbean.

"Our 167 restaurants–of which 111 are located in Puerto Rico–make about $250 million in sales per year and have some 10,000 employees. The region uses six currencies and four main languages," Unger said. "I’m the managing director for the same islands, but now the region includes–and is managed by–Puerto Rico."

Unger added that Puerto Rico has become headquarters for the region because it has the largest group of restaurants, a culture similar to that of the U.S., and is on the company’s cutting edge.

"Our Puerto Rico operation is a global leader in the Made For You program, which makes sure orders are fresh. Some $10 million were invested to establish it at every restaurant on the island. In fact, a local team recently went to the United Kingdom to help roll out the first Made For You system there," said Unger, whose priority for the Puerto Rico market is customer service. Made For You is being expanded to the other 14 Caribbean islands.

Unger also plans to scout for ideal locations in traditional and non-traditional locations as well as develop island-specific products. McDonalds already offers tostones in the Dominican Republic, jerk chicken in Jamaica, and veggie patties for Guyana’s large Muslim population. New products being developed for Puerto Rico include a tilapia fish filet sandwich.

Since good corporate citizens give back to the community, Unger and his wife Jacki are working to build a Ronald McDonald House Charity near Rio Piedras’ Medical Center, which would provide lodging for chronically ill children.

Brian Unger now oversees operations of 167 McDonalds restaurants in 15 Caribbean islands from their Puerto Rico headquarters.

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