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Carnival Corp.’s Remodeling Of Pier 4 To Begin In January


January 3, 2002
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Las Autoridades Portuarias de Puerto Rico confirmaron que las mejoras del Muelle 4 en el Viejo San Juan está previsto que comiencen en enero.

La remodelación del Muelle 4, que consistirá en añadir un segundo piso a la actual terminal de escala para cruceros, deberá estar terminada en el verano del 2002, dijo José Baquero, director ejecutivo en funciones de Autoridades Portuarias.

En agosto, Carnival Corp. firmó un contrato por 20-años con las Autoridades Portuarias.

Puerto Rico Ports Authority officials confirmed that the upgrading of Pier 4 in Old San Juan is scheduled to begin in January.

The remodeling of Pier 4, which consists of adding a second floor to the existing homeport cruise ship terminal, should be completed by the summer of 2002, said Jose Baquero, interim executive director of the Ports Authority.

In August, Carnival Corp. signed a 20-year contract with the Ports Authority to extend the cruise line’s presence on the island, allowing the agency to generate over $54 million in new revenue.

As part of the deal, Carnival must invest $8 million to upgrade the terminal, generating nearly 100 direct jobs.

Closer parking at LMM airport for pick-up purposes

In related news, the Ports Authority reached a temporary agreement with American Parking System, which runs the parking facility at Luis Muñoz Marin (LMM) International Airport, to liberate the first two floors of the lot or 700 parking spaces to be used solely for people picking up passengers in order to alleviate traffic congestion into the airport during peak travel season.

Traditionally, the first two-floors of the parking facility are used by the employees who work at the airport.

The events of Sept. 11 caused the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to order the Ports Authority not to permit passenger pick-up access at the lower level (arrival area) of LMM airport.

This inconvenience has forced local residents to pick up passengers at the departure area. This outcome is causing major traffic congestion at LMM airport. Otherwise, those picking up passengers must pay for parking.

Baquero is requesting for the FAA to permit the Ports Authority to hire up to nine local police officers, for security purposes, so the agency could reopen the transit lane at the departure area for pick-up purposes.

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