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Avant Technologies To Sell Computers Through Wal-Mart


January 3, 2002
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Local computer manufacturer Avant Technologies will begin selling sell its NewGate notebook computer to the public through Wal-Mart stores islandwide.

The company had previously offered NewGate notebook computers to corporate and government sectors exclusively.

"Wal-Mart executives were interested in a notebook computer with an accessible price of less that $1,000 and we delivered," said Stefan Antonmattei, vice president of Avant Technologies. "To do so, we had to seek lower prices from suppliers in Taiwan, Korea, Washington, California, and Florida. Then, we tested the components at our plant to ensure that the end product met the highest quality standards."

The computers are available in all local Wal-Mart stores and at the Wal-Mart Supercenter in Cayey. The NewGate G799 notebook computer is available at a retail price of $999 and the NewGate A1 notebook computer, which includes DVD, has a price of $1,399.

"Since Wal-Mart entered the Puerto Rico market in 1992, we have been committed to supporting the local economy, buying more than 60% of our products locally. Furthermore, Wal-Mart Puerto Rico has been a leading force for local manufactures to sell their products in Wal-Mart stores outside the island," said Federico Gonzalez Denton, director of corporate affairs of Wal-Mart Puerto Rico. "The addition of NewGate notebooks to our local offering is another example of the value we place on the products manufactured in Puerto Rico."

Founded in 1992, Caguas-based Avant Technologies manufactures computers (servers, notebooks, PCs) under the brand name NewGate and digital networked video-surveillance products under the name Video Sentinel. In compliance with the ISO 9002 quality standards, its products are certified by Novell, Microsoft, FCC, UL, and CSA. Avant can manufacture up to 150,000 units per year at its 50,000-square-foot plant.

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