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Star Potential


November 23, 2001
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The new records and glossy photos keep coming, all touting an attractive singer that some Latin music company executive hopes will be the next big star.

Every once in a while the promotional packets contain a welcome surprise, a young singer whose good looks may make for an attractive package but who also has the voice and singing ability to match.

That's the case with Michelangelo, the young singer from Puerto Rico who could make it big -- if his handlers make good use of his vocal range by giving him songs that have soul and rhythm.

Born Miguelangel Mejia in Miami 19 years ago, the singer, of Honduran and Puerto Rican parentage, was "discovered" by none other than boxing promoter Don King while singing the National Anthem before a boxing match. King's inability to pronounce the singer's name led to his stage name.

Since then, he has made the best of the exposure, with a vocal style repertoire that reflects his influences, particularly his brother-in-law, Guatemalan singer Ricardo Arjona, and crooner Marc Anthony.

On his latest release, the self-titled Michelangelo on Universal Music Latino, his second album, the singer shows his preferences for pop and r&b stylings. In a recording that alternates between pop ballads and Latin dance numbers, Michelangelo shows he has range and charisma.

The singer, whose diverse tastes include the music of salsa singer Victor Manuelle, Brian McKnight and Boyz II Men, believes in experimentation.

"Every artist, besides sticking to favorite music, should perform a fusion of everything he likes," Michelangelo said. "It's the key to reaching different audiences."

Perhaps with that in mind, Michelangelo, who recorded his first album in English, has included two English-language numbers on the second album. He's also appeared in two films, Paradise Lost, which ran on Showtime and HBO; and Milagro en Yauco, made for television in Puerto Rico.

He's a talent to watch.

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