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Protect Military Training Sites

December 16, 2001
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One of the most important issues concerning the way we run our military is the detrimental impact environmental extremists have on the training of our forces.

High-quality performance on the battlefield is directly related to consistent, realistic training under conditions likely to be experienced in combat. No better training is available in society than that offered by our military to its members. But they are being impeded by radical environmentalists, cultists, the Hollywood left and liberal politicians. At every turn, selfish, unpatriotic individuals are driving our troops from sites that cannot be replaced.

One of the most notable is Vieques in Puerto Rico. Our Navy has used Vieques for air warfare practice, surface gunnery and Marine amphibious operations for 60 years. It has been the Atlantic fleet's best live-fire training range. Now the government has caved under hysterical protests of a few island residents, joined by the likes of Al Sharpton and Hillary Clinton.

And then there is the native wildlife for the green peaceniks to fret over. If it's not the desert tortoise in Arizona, it's the lizards and antelope. If it's not the tree snails, it's the shrimp in California.

America needs to stand up and give these anti-American protesters the boot and free our military to prepare to defend the priceless cause of freedom. After all, we are at war.

Rocky Mount

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