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Green Targets

December 13, 2001
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Green Targets

Michelle Malkin's Dec. 10 column was ridiculous. She attacks "eco- obstructionists," who she says "care more about protecting peace, quiet and 'biodiversity' than about supporting the troops who ensure the nation's peace." She then calls for a "cease-fire by these hostile green forces."

The last time I checked, caring about protecting peace, quiet, and biodiversity is not a hostile act.

Simply because Malkin is not familiar with any of the species being affected by the Navy's bombing runs does not mean they are not important in the eco-system. All species of plants and animals play an integral role in the survival of our planet.

Malkin also states that the Puerto Rican island of Vieques has been used as a Navy training area for 60 years, and therefore it is just fine to keep destroying the health of humans and other animals and, ultimately, their lives. She is completely misguiding her readers. The fact that something has been going on for a long time, does not make it right.

Max Fischlowitz-Roberts

Michelle Malkin describes those who oppose the Navy's use of the Vieques bombing range as "ethnic mau-mauists." That is a terrible thing to say about anyone protesting in a legal way.

She has names for everyone who does not agree 100 percent with her ideas. As I remember, it was the people of Vieques who first protested the bombing range after a tragic accident there. They don't even have voting rights in our Congress.

As an example of environmental devastation, I no longer have song birds in my backyard. I miss the summer early-morning chatter of the wrens and the uplifting "what cheer" notes of the cardinal.

I'm glad some people are fighting for those things.

Rosemary Paterson
St. Louis

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